Our Adoption Journey


  1. I couldn't find a contact email so am writing here. I read about your run in the Catholic news on EWTN site. I am also a Catholic wife and mom (of 6 children) and have followed Little Flowers work in China for awhile. I am so impressed with your efforts to help their cause, as well as adopting from China. I have had an interest in the welfare of those in China (especially women in regards to the suffering they endure through one-child policy) so it was nice to see a family who is trying to adopt and also help. I passed your site link to a group on facebook I follow called Ride to Give. They try to help families or sick children who need donations and have a large following. They only ask for $5 donations (a new fundraiser each week) and because they ask so small donations, they get a lot of donations come in! I have been impressed with their work. I am hoping they might gain some attention to your own cause to adopt a child from China for your own family. I don't know if they will respond to my request, but I wanted to let you know and give you the link to their facebook page:

    1. Thank you! That is such a blessing!