About Me

I am a mom to six amazing kids, brought to us by birth and adoption,  and a wife to a great man.  My hubby and I have been married 15 years and live in the metro DC area.  We are Catholic and love our faith and Jesus. I homeschool our three boys and play with our toddlers and baby.  I am an ACE certified Personal trainer and I have my MA in counseling and also Life Coach on the side too. And I love to run. I started running the Spring of 2009 as a way to increase my cardio fitness.  And I fell in love with running.  I ran my first 1/2 marathon that December and my first Marathon in April 2011.

What you will find on this blog:

This blog is a hodge podge of all of the cross sections of my life.  It is not a homeschooling blog.  It is not a running blog.  It is not a Catholic blog.  It is not an adoption blog.  It is not a family life blog.  It is all of the above. This blog is, essentially, my scrapbook and journal of things I want to remember.