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All things Thomas and how things are going (really) after a week home

I have had to change the title of this post already.  I had grand plans to post days ago, but, you know, life with a new one is happening right now and I am at the mercy of his plans (really, HIS plans).   I have not written much since Thomas came home last week.  If you are on Facebook or Instagram, you will recognize most of these photos, as my phone is pretty much the only camera that comes out lately.  Yet, I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on how things are going right now and answer some things you may be wondering about.

Overall, we are all doing well.  Life seems so natural with Thomas in the house and I am really proud of how all of the kids are adjusting to having another toddler in the house.

Just a few things about our boy:

- He is a super, cute, chunky little thing.  He is much shorter than Felicity, but has the most adorable chubby belly.

- He has a charming smile. Too charming, really.  He will often use that charming smile to get out of trouble.  So far, we are …