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God is a much better writer than I am

These next few days mark big dates in our home. 
One year ago tomorrow we got the call that all adoptive families wait for and a few minutes within that call, we saw a picture of Felicity for the first time.
6 Months ago today, she was placed in our arms. Forever.

And today she is a thriving, happy little girl whom we all love. In the book of our adoption, this is a perfect place to end the story. To say “and they all lived happily ever after.” After all, most fairy tales end before the nitty gritty of life begins.
But, God has a few more chapters He is writing in this story. Chapters that began 6 months ago, on the day of the visit to Felicity’s orphanage. A chapter that had a major plot twist today. One He set in motion months ago. Today we will send in our LOI (Letter of Intent). Today we began the journey to bring home our son. It is almost surreal typing that sentence, so soon after bringing home Felicity. Only God could have brought this about. 
On a Thursday in China, 6 months ago. …