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Pray with us

Again, amen, I say to you,
if two of you agree on earth
about anything for which they are to pray,
it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father. 
For where two or three are gathered together in my name,
there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18: 19-20

 I have been stressed about the adoption process for the last several weeks.  Stressed really is not a strong enough word.  The adoption pervades my thoughts most hours of the day.  I am thankful for homeschooling because it FORCES me to think and act on something other than the adoption.  I am not sleeping well lately.  I usually end up with a tension headache by the end of the day and my jawline hurts most days from clenching my teeth due to stress.  I get anxious when I think of when we will travel and how in the world we will have enough money to cover all of the expenses of the adoption and have anything left for life as it happens after the adoption.  I cry out to God throughout the day.  And there are times I have asked Him, what I should do to ___________ (fill in the blank of any of the adoption concerns).

Then there was mass on Sunday.

The above reading was part of the Gospel Reading from mass this Sunday.   And altough the priest gave an incredible homily on the first part of the Gospel reading and the second reading, the verses above are what stuck out to me.  It was God's answer.  Simply put, I need to really ask for prayers.  Lay it all out and offer it all up. Pray and fast (thanks, Mary for the great reminder!).

So, I am humbly asking for prayers right now.  Very specific prayers:

- First, for our travel.  As we get closer to getting travel approval, things are getting more uncertain.  We have anticipated October travel, but there is a Chinese holiday at the beginning of October which closes all governmental agencies, from October 1-8.  That means that there are no adoptions that will be processed during that time.  No Gothca Days and no Consulate Appointments.  While we would probably not travel that early anyways, because of those holidays, all families receiving Travel Approval even now are being affected and their dates are getting pushed into mid-October.  And that means that we will probably get travel dates at the end of October into November.  The Bishops have their biannual meetings in June and, you guessed it, November . . . right when we are likely to be given travel dates.  Without getting into lots of detail on it all, it is not really advisable that Pete miss these meetings. He also has a meeting in mid-November that he may not be able to miss either.   So, that means we would have to travel closer to the end of November, beginning of December. I try to put on a brave face and say, if that is God's will, then that is ok.  But, I really do not want to delay getting Felicity by a minute if we do not have to.  

So, I ask that you pray for mountains to be moved and that we are able to travel in October.

- Second, adoption finances.  In the upcoming month, our adoption expenses will total approximately $16,000.  While that includes travel for Pete and I, it does not include ANY expenses for taking our three boys.  Taking the boys will add approximately $8,000 - $10,000 to that total.  While I had a firm resolve to take them and all of us travel last week, it is waning as cold hard numbers stare at me.  Pete and I still believe that we all need to go.  We are waiting on hearing about a grant we applied for and we are starting to send out fundraising letters this week since we set up or tax-deductible Adopt-Together donation account, so we are hopeful for some answers in the upcomigng weeks, but we could really use some prayers too.

Please pray that doors open for us and that our final adoption expenses ($16,000) will be covered and our adoption will be fully funded before we travel.  

Finally, please pray for peace for our whole family during this time. Pray for inceased patience and trust in His plan and His timing.

How shall we pray?

Weeks into our adoption process, I was praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament and I clearly felt God say to lay our adoption process at His Blessed Mother's feet.  Give the process to Mary, and allow her to intercede for us.  So, I feel it only appropriate to pray for our Blessed Mother's Intercession by praying the Our Lady on Knots Novena.

We will be starting the Novena on Friday, September 12th (The Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary) and the novena will end on September 20th.  I will be posting the prayers for each day here, but they can be found at the above link or you can find an audio version at Discerning Hearts.

Please consider praying with us and for us.  If you have any prayer intentions you would like me to pray for while praying this novena, please leave them in the comments below or email me at katiepetko (at) yahoo (dot) com and I will gladly add them to my list of intentions.

God Bless!


  1. I pray for y'all every day anyway with specific focus on the adoption issues.

  2. I'll pray with you! Can't wait to see that little girl in your arms!!! Would you please pray for our women's group, my sisters struggling with infertility, and my own discernment and openness to God's will for us? Thank you!

  3. Trust that your intentions will be in my prayers. We continue to have plenty to offer up.

    May you acquire the necessary funds to finalize your adoption and travel as a family. May Felicity be united with her forever mama, soon.

    Please add one intention for my family. I pray that my husband can secure a job that will provide for my family's basic needs with a small cushion ;) and keep him accessible to us.



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