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3rd Annual Run for the Little Flowers 5K


Update 10/11: 
All of the money raised by the run will go directly to Little Flower projects!!
The Women's Larges are sold out, but please see size chart, as they run very small and I still have many XLs.

UPDATE 10/2:  There are only 2 Women's Larges left.  Please see the size charts below as these run very small.  I have a bunch of women's XLs, so please consider ordering an XL if you typically wear a size M or a L.  Thanks!!

It is that time again!!  You know, I honestly had no intentions of doing this run this year.  Our adoption process has coincided perfectly, imperfectly with the time I normally have the run.  And the run is time consuming and lots of work, right about the time that we will be preparing to travel to China to snatch Felicity Grace into our arms forever.  But, as I prayed about it more and more, I knew I could just not NOT have the run this year.  I mean, what better year to do it, but the year we are adopting.

Local Run for the Little Flowers Meet-up 2013

The Run for the Little Flowers was born from a desire to DO SOMETHING.  Two years ago, adopting seemed like a dream that would never come to fruition and at the time I knew that to move myself beyond my own self pity of not getting to do what I wanted, I needed to do something that I could do to make a difference in the lives of orphans in China.  This run may be small, and may only make a tiny dent in the costs of the operations at Little Flower Projects, but I am proud of this run and so happy to continue it.

So, this year the run's shirt will feature the lyrics of the song "Do Something" by Matthew West.  So fitting because the words "Do Something" were what inspired me to start this run.  And this year, God has blessed us with the timing and ability to do the something that I have wanted to do for years; adopt.

For a better image of the COLOR of the shirt, please see the end of the post.

Details about the run:

When: Saturday, October 18, 2014 (or as close to that date as you can) (I am seriously praying that we are IN China, visiting Little Flower Projects that day!  How amazing would that be!!)

Where: This is a virtual run.  You can do it where you live.  Walk it on a treadmill, run at a neighborhood park, grab a bunch of friends and do it together.  You do not need to run or even walk the full 5K, just pledge to get out and do something, and while you are doing so, pray for those precious orphans in Little Flower Projects care.

Cost: $25.00 (plus $2.00 for shipping the shirt)  Each registrant will receive a t-shirt (LIMITED QUANTITIES, READ BELOW). (No medals this year. Sorry. Trying to keep it simple).

Shirts some in Youth, Unisex and Women's sizes.

PLEASE NOTE: The women's shirts fit more like a Junior fit.  ORDER AT LEAST ONE SIZE UP. I ordered plenty of Large and XL in the women's sizes.  (To give you an idea, I normally wear a small/medium, but wear a Large in this tee). (See end of post for size charts)

Register Here (or on my side bar.  You can add multiple shirts to your cart. Add one and hit "add cart", it will then take you to Paypal where there will be a "pay now" or "continue shopping" option):

If you have not liked our Facebook page, go do so!!  There will be fun giveaways here and there.  I am still working on a giveaway at the end of the run.  If anyone wants to donate anything for the giveaway, please let me know!!

Some differences from last year:

- I want to be completely honest.  This year the funds raised through the run will be SPLIT between our adoption fundraising and Little Flower Projects.  I have simplified things TONS this year in an effort to still have the same amount go to Little Flower Projects as last year, but spending time on this fundraiser means I cannot spend it on raising funds for our own adoption.  And, at this point, we cannot afford to do that.  I will be completely honest about how much money goes to our adoption and to Little Flower Projects.  If this is a problem, please email me at and we can work something out.  **If our family gets the grants we have applied for, the 100% of the money raised by the run will go to Little Flower Projects***

- Your donation will NOT be tax deductible this year.  All money will be coming through the run's account first, and then transferred to LFP.  Last year, money went directly to LFP which was great, but it made many parts of the process more time consuming for me.  So, this year all money will go through a Run for the Little Flowers account first.  Again, please email me if this is an issue.

- Finally, shirts have already been ordered!!  They will be to me in about a month.  If they sell out quickly, I will consider ordering more.  All shirts will be shipped as soon as they are ordered/I receive them (whichever is first).  Watch our Facebook page and my blog for updates on quantities.

Please spread the word about this run!! The more people who are involved, the more money for
 Little Flower Projects!

More posts to come on the run and Little Flower Projects!

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact me at 

God Bless!


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