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7 Quick Takes - My world, our adoption auction preview, and adoption insomnia

I feel like I am living a strange reality lately.  Ever since we were matched with Felicity, it has felt as if time could not move fast enough; come on October!  Yet, at the same time, I feel as if someone has hit the fast forward button and things are moving so much quicker than normal.  Some of the sensations are very similar to when I was pregnant with my other kids but, oh, so different too.

1. Adoption Insomnia
I used to get horrible insomnia when I was pregnant with my boys.  I remember sitting in the hallway of our house at 3 AM just praying I would get a couple hours of restful sleep.  And now is no different.  I am not sure if adoption insomnia is such a thing. But, I think the fact that I am writing this post at 1AM is solid evidence supporting my claim.

2. Nesting
Did you nest?  When pregnant, I would have what I would call the "11th hour nesting".  I would be about three weeks from my due date and I would start to nest.  I would declutter, weed the flower beds, p…

Wordless Wednesday, Sort of

One thing that our adoption journey has shown me is how God works in our lives through strangers.  Strangers, whom you do not know.  Who bring furniture to your house for you to sell and then hand you a $100 bill.  "It's not much," he said.  But, oh yes, it really is.  It is the blog reader who sends a handmade blanket.  An Etsy shop owner who donates items for our auction.  A woman I never met who desires to make a quilt for us to bring to China for Felicity.  Oh, my.  
These things may seem small to an outside observe, but to me, they are so big. So great.  It is God showing me how HE is in this process.  How HE has it all covered.  How HE is showering His love on us through strangers.
I firmly believe that the good of the world far out weighs and out shines the bad.  And you all prove that to me every day!