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Take your land

My husband and I were sitting across from our son’s vision therapist.This sweet, young, way too kind woman was about to go through the results of our middle son’s vision tests from a few weeks before.We were brought there because his reading progress had halted.He had no memory for sight words, letters were added where they were not, other letters would flip positions in words, and the longer he tried to read the worse his reading ability became.Suspicion of learning disabilities and vision issues crept in and I knew it was time for answers.
She took us first to the summary page of all of the testing.And she so nicely pointed out that all areas of concern, where he fell below normal, were the shaded sections.I looked at the page.Three quarters of it were gray.My heart sank.For the next 45 minutes she went though each result in more detail.Vision therapy was discussed.A reading specialist was recommended.And then we walked out.
I think this is a good place to say that nothing renders me …

Adoption Update!

Sorry for all the acronyms!  Posting here for posterity sake. 
We got an email today from our agency saying our I800A approval arrived this morning!  I jumped and squealed with delight and my kids asked if we had won the lottery.  Today, this feels so much better than winning the lottery.

One step closer . . .