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7 Quick Takes- A quick update edition!

I have been totally absent in the blogging world lately.  I did not realize, until yesterday, that it everyone is doing a "7 posts in 7 days challenge", and it took me a while to figure out what all the "I am going to Edel" photos in my Instagram feed were all about.  And, truthfully, I have not missed it all too much.  It has given me more time for prayer and more time to really do what I feel God is calling me to, you know, besides being a wife and mom and homeschooler. But, with that being said, I am going to take these quick takes to catch you all up on what is going on in our corner of the world.

1. Adoption

I could flood you all with lots of acronyms and numbers that will not make much sense, so all I will say is that things are moving smoothly at this point.  We are waiting on approval from the USCIS and then our file can go to China!  We are, hopefully, about 4 months away from getting matched and 10 months away from bringing our newest family member home.  This is the first time in the process that it all feels real.  There have been moments when I just stop, in awe, and think, "We could be going to China this year and I will be holding my newest son/daughter!"  We are excited, yet still taking it one day at a time.

2. The future of this blog

I have threatened that I would move the blog to Wordpress before and that the blog will take a different direction, and over the next few months, probably after Lent, that will really happen.  I am writing a lot more off the blog, and that has been such a gift.  And I am finally writing about things that I want to write about vs writing about things that I hope people want to read.  Does that make sense? For a while now, I have felt pressure to write here and to try to make it whitty, interesting, etc but I just have not written much.  I think, somewhere along the way I have lost my joy for writing in this space and it just no longer serves a purpose.  I started this space with a vision.  A vision, I never really fulfilled.  I have gotten that vision back now and am working to move toward it.


We have been on the GAPS diet for two months now.  Before we started, I really did not think we would last more than four months.  Now, I am wondering why I would ever want to give it up!  We all have adjusted well to the change in our diet and preparing food has become easier.  I have seen a difference in the whole family and it has been a good lesson in just how damaging the traditional American diet can be (and we ate healthy before too!) and how much better everyone can feel when you eat food in its more natural state.

4. Preparing for Lent

Lent has snuck up on me.  In previous years, I went into Lent feeling prepared. I had it all mapped out of what I wanted to do and how I wanted to pray and fast.  This year, I am nowhere near that.  I am going on a retreat this weekend, which will be good.  And I am planning on reading Captivating and A Million Little Ways, both not really Lenten reading, but this is just where God has me right now.  My main goal this Lent is to really immerse myself in scripture and just meditate on HIS word.  I have been focusing my prayer times on the study at IF:Equip and I have loved how God is speaking through it to me.

I am also excited to participate in Elizabeth Foss' Restore workshop. It looks so good. 

Anyone else joining Restore?

5. Run for the Little Flowers

I am sad to say it, but the run will probably NOT happen this year.  As our adoption process moves forward, it is becoming apparent that the organization of the Run for the Little Flowers and the final stages of our adoption will coincide.  And I have to be honest with what I can and cannot do and I cannot do both.  If there is anyone out there who would like to take it over for the year, please feel free to contact me.  Otherwise, the Run for the Little Flowers will be back in 2015!

6. 21 Day Fix

I know I just wrote a post about this yesterday, but I just want to say it again.  I love this workout.  On so many levels, this program is one of the best I have seen. 

7.  Little Flower Cuteness . . .
Even though the run might not happen this year, the cuteness will always remain . . .

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. #2 I totally get, it's the reason I stopped my blog!!

  2. #2: Wordpress has a way to import all your Blogger entries and comments. Once you're ready to move, give me a holler and I'll do what I can to help.

    And seriously, I read this blog because you're Katie, not because you're some guru.


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