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7 Quick Takes

Thanks, Jen,for hosting!

1. Standing in the gap.

Have you read this story?  It is of monks in Kiev standing in the gap, literally, between the police and the people, praying.  It is an incredible story and it has been going on for days.  You can watch live streaming video of the conflict and the monks standing between the people and the police here.  

After reading the article, I wondered if I would be brave enough to do that.  Because, as Christians, that is what we are called to do, stand in the gap and pray for peace.  Because of these monks, the unrest has stopped, for now.  Because of their simple, brave action to pray IN the unrest, they have helped to avert the loss of lives. 

2. Winter weather slow down

They played outside for hours.  Me?  I stayed nice and warm inside!

We had a "major storm" this week.  Major in our part of the country constitutes more than 2 inches of snow.  Schools were closed and/or delayed for three days, some longer.  While it did not affect our schooling, it did slow things down here a bit.  Swim was cancelled, clients cancelled, and then K got sick and that slowed the week down even more.  I must admit, it has been nice.  The boys have finished school, made swords with duct tape, PVC piping and foam and there have been great battles in our living room.  It has been a really, really nice week.

A showing off his sword.

3. Time to hit delete?

Am I the only one that thinks about giving up on blogging and deleting this thing?  I used to love to blog, but I am finding that I just do not have the time and desire to put to type all the posts that swim in my head.  For a long time, I have felt the need to stop blogging here and start a new one to move in a different direction, with family and faith mixed in, but I cannot even seem to take the time to get that off the ground.

It is difficult because, like any relationship, to make blogging work and be a part of the blogging community, you need to participate and I am just not participating much any more. 

This take is not a question, but if  you have thoughts, please share.  It is more, just getting "this thought out."

4. Getting the twitch again

Over the last year, I have not run nearly as much as I used to.  I have not done a race in almost a year. Most of my workouts have been T25 (That I love) or just good old weight lifting.  I have been running, but just three days a week and 5 miles at most. But that is slowly changing.  While there may not been any marathons in my near future, I feel that "half marathon twitch."  And I have my sights on this one . . .

Run for the Dream is in our favorite vacation spot, it has an 8K and kids races, so the whole family can join in the fun and it is a beautiful course!  Both K and J are already begging me to sign them up for the 8K.  So, we just have to check our schedules and register! 

5. GAPS update

I will not bore you with tons of details of GAPS, but we are doing great!  we are on DAY 25 of the INTRO and will be on the Full GAPS diet soon.  I love it and truthfully, I we do not miss eating grains and potatoes AT ALL. 

6. Thought for the week

I struggle a lot with curriculum choices.  Did I make the right decision?  Is this the best for my son(s)? I have switched curriculum mid year for math and spelling, simply because they do not work for whichever boy I am using it with.  They are all so different in their learning styles and I am finding that I often meed to reassess whether the curriculum I am using with each boy is the best for that particular one. 

It is good to be reminded that each of my children learns differently and has different gifts and it is my job, as their mom, to help them learn based on the gifts they have been given.

7. Little Flower Cuteness

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Don't hit delete!!! I don't mind if you felt you had to post less often, because something is better than nothing, ok??? It's just the winter blahs. For people like myself who are not on FB, this is the only way I can keep up with you and your family :)

    1. I agree. It seems like there's a lot of the blahs going around. I think some of it is just winter and some of it is the way the blog world is changing. For me an added part if feeling like so much has already been said and by people who can write far better than I can which makes it harder to muster up the motivation to write. But you're not alone and something is better than nothing. Besides, how else are we going to see pics of that precious baby girl or boy you're going to have soon??

  2. #1: I've seen pictures of these monks and I am impressed with their courage and resoluteness.

    Re: your desire to maybe hit delete, I go through phases in my blogging and I've pondered quitting a couple times. What keeps me going is that I've built an entire network and community of friends that is portable -- something that is good considering that we move every few years.

  3. I think as you move forward with adopting, you may be really be happy you have the blog to keep friends and family updated and to connect with other adoptive families, and to journal a bit while waiting for your next child. I love having our boys' adoption blogs to look back on and remember what it was like to become a family.

  4. As you move forward with your adoption, you may be really glad to have the blog to update family and friends and connect with other adoptive families. You may also like to journal as you wait. It is such a special time and I love looking back on my posts to see what we were doing at certain times while waiting for our children.


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