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21 Day Fix

If you are on Instagram or FB and are a friend of mine, you have seen this, but I just wanted to share this here too in case anyone is interested.

21 Day fix is a new workout by Beachbody that comes out next week.  The workouts are 30 min each and you have different workouts for different days of the week.  The workouts vary and include cardio, strength training, and yoga. 

What I love about this program is that it is one of the first that also focuses on nutrition and portion control. 

The basic program is $58 and includes the workouts, a shakeology shaker, and containers portioned out for your food each day.

I will be running a challenge group for anyone who is interested and I will be available to help anyone who starts the program. 

If you are interested, you can email me at katiepetko (at) yahoo (dot) com.  Any proceeds I make from the sale go to our adoption fund.  So, you can get in shape and help a great cause at the same time.

For more info, you can watch this. (Warning: …

Five Favorites - Baby It's Cold Outside!

Hey, all! I think I can officially say that the Buffalo is out of this girl!  I used to pride myself on my ability to handle cold and snow.  After all, I am from Buffalo!  But, the metro DC area, its weather, and inability to handle cold and snow has seeped into my bones.  I am officially over this cold and snow!

So, in honor of it, I am going to share some of my "go-to's" on cold winter days.

1. Athleta Polartec Power Stretch Pants

I have had these pants for about 3 years.  I saved up and purchased them so I could wear them to run outside while training for my spring marathons.  And you know what?  I only have ever worn them once for running.  Truthfully, they are too warm for running in our mild winters here.  But, they are perfect for wearing in the winter.  During the last few weeks, I have worn them almost everyday.  I will throw them in the wash at night and put them in the dryer when I wake up for my workout so that they are ready after my shower. They are fleeced…

7 Quick Takes

Thanks, Jen,for hosting!

1. Standing in the gap.

Have you read this story?  It is of monks in Kiev standing in the gap, literally, between the police and the people, praying.  It is an incredible story and it has been going on for days.  You can watch live streaming video of the conflict and the monks standing between the people and the police here.  

After reading the article, I wondered if I would be brave enough to do that.  Because, as Christians, that is what we are called to do, stand in the gap and pray for peace.  Because of these monks, the unrest has stopped, for now.  Because of their simple, brave action to pray IN the unrest, they have helped to avert the loss of lives. 

2. Winter weather slow down

We had a "major storm" this week.  Major in our part of the country constitutes more than 2 inches of snow.  Schools were closed and/or delayed for three days, some longer.  While it did not affect our schooling, it did slow things down here a bit.  Swim was cancelle…

Adoption Update

I know I have not said much about our adoption lately.  And, truthfully, there has not been too much to say for a while.  We have had several delays in our home study.  CPS clearances were "lost" by the state's who received the paperwork, and because of that we were in a holding pattern until they came back.  Thankfully, the last one came back about two weeks ago.  Since then we have filled out and filed our I800A which is basically a form petitioning the US government to allow us to bring an orphan from China, into the US (and assuring them of  our suitability).  We have about 3 months to wait until we will be approved. 

Once the I800A was in, we had about 3 days of "breathing room" before we got an email from our adoption social worker that had all the information necessary for us to start compiling our dossier!  I saw the list and tried not to get stressed on the spot.  Breathe, Katie, breathe.  It is just a bunch of forms, right?  And, after all, the end …

7 Not-so-quick Takes: Inquiring minds want to know: More on the GAPS diet

Thanks, Jen, for hosting!
Since writing my first post about my family beginning the GAPS diet, I have gotten lots of questions about what we are doing.  Even though, most of these questions have been asked in real life, I decided to answer some of them here, just in case y'all want to know too!

1.  Exactly what do you eat? Or better yet, what can't you eat?

I know I was very vague on this point in my last post.  I did want to write more about it, but did not want the post to get too long.  Now, most people want to know what we cannot eat, so, I will start with some of the foods that we are currently not eating.  We do not eat ANY grains.  No wheat, oats, quinoa, rice.  Potatoes are out.  Currently, we are on the middle phase of the intro diet, so we are not even eating fruits yet.  And no raw vegetables.  Those will be added to our diet over the upcoming weeks, but for now they are out. 

And no sugar.  We can have some honey, but a very limited amount.  And that will be the c…

New Year, New Transformations: The GAPS diet

The week after Christmas, the whole family started the GAPS diet.  This has been a long time in coming as I have threatened my family, lovingly, with it for years.  Simply, the GAPS diet is designed to detox and heal the gut.  Dr. Natasha McBride Campbell formulated the diet while researching diets for her autistic son.  Research shows that so many ailments, both metal and physical, are rooted in the health of the gut.  Through the GAPS diet, Dr. Campbell has been able to reverse the symptoms of autism in her son and alleviate symptoms of numerous clients.
As someone who has done many detoxes and knows the importance of gut health, I was drawn to the diet.  Although we, as a family, eat fairly healthy; we have eliminated cereals, and any artificial coloring, preservatives, etc and eat organic, whole foods as much as possible, I still felt there was far more we could do for our health. My youngest was GREAT eater until he hit about 2 years old.  For the last three years he has primari…