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7 Quick Takes

Thanks, Jen, for hosting!!

1.  Katie is blogging, it must mean . . .
her hubby is travelling for work again.  I am sorry if that sounds a bit snarky.  As I sat down to write these takes, I realized that the only time I have sat down to write any posts in the last few weeks was when my hubby has been away for work.  He has been gone alot lately.  He is not too far away right now, just 45 min, but the meetings run so late and start so early, that he stays at the hotel they are held at.  We are hoping to go visit him this weekend, go to the Baltimore Aquarium, and hopefully run into this guy . . .

I am already trying to plan how I can get a family picture with him!
2. Thank you!
I want to thank all of you for your sweet comments on this post, both here and on facebook.  I have not been able to respond to any of them as I would have liked, but I have read them and appreciate them so much.
One of my friends, who was homeschoolled, shared that she had been diagnosed with a learning disability when she was young.  She recounted how school never really clicked for her, but that as she got older, she did fine and did very well in college.  She also mentioned that her mom felt as if she had failed.
When I read that, I just sighed.  I feel like that most days.  Or, at least, I question if I am failing.  And I think, it is very natural for any homeschooling mom, who has a child with a learning disability to feel that way.  You wonder if you are doing enough.  You wonder if your child would not be better off with someone more capable, more knowledgeable, teaching him. You wonder if, by spending so much time with one child, you are failing your others.  But, that is where faith comes in.  Because, He knows family dynamics, He knows your own capabilities, and your children's, and so, if He has called you to this crazy journey of homeschooling, He will knit it all together for the good of each and every family member.
3. St.Andrew Novena and a giveaway!
I love the St. Andrew Novena.  It begins on November 30th and is prayed until Christmas Day.
Hail, and blessed be the hour and moment at which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in the piercing cold. In that hour vouchsafe, Oh my God!, to hear my prayers and grant my desires (Mention your intentions here), through the merits of Our Savior Jesus Christ and of His Blessed Mother. Amen.
(Pray this prayer 15 times each day, from Nov. 30th until Christmas)
This year I will be praying if for God to work miracles in our adoption process. 
Sarah, at Amongst Lovely Things is giving away a beautiful St. Andrew Chaplet or Bracelet.  Go enter here!

 4. Adoption Update
We finally had our first, of four, home visits with the social worker.  I spent the whole weekend before it cleaning like a mad woman.  I asked a group of adoptive moms what to expect and got such varied answers.  Many said that their social worker went into EVERY CLOSET in every room, to make sure there was nothing dangerous.  So, I spent hours cleaning out each closet in our home and reorganizing them.  Well, our social worker did not even leave our living room.  But, at least we have nice organized closets now!

Our social worker seems nice and I am hoping all the visits go well.  I have been praying for an increase in patience lately.  I just really want to be matched with a child, like yesterday, and I am having a hard time refraining from searching through lists of waiting children to see if a face jumps out at me as "our child."  I know that that is not what God is calling us to.  We are to plug along, wait and trust.  But, really, the waiting is tough!

5.  Frugal, fun, lazy, or just crazy? You decide.
Our dryer broke.  Over two months ago.  We know it is likely a repair that is expensive enough to warrant buying a new dryer instead of repairing this one.  When it first broke, we had my father in law try to fix it.  He couldn't.  The weather was nice, so we just decided we would use our clothes line to dry all of our clothes.  Then we had a rain spell.  And, instead of getting a new dryer, we got creative and hung a clothes line in our garage.  At that point, it kind of became a game.  Just how long can we go without a dryer?

Well, we are still dryer-less.  Most days I can get at least one load to dry outside, although, with the colder weather and shorter days, this is proving a bit more challenging.  But, so far I have not had to many problems with this. 

If you were me, when would you finally throw in the (wet) towel and get a new dryer??

6.  Another question
I am ready to try to make things and sell things for the sake of our adoption.  My question is:

 What type of homemade items would you buy or do you like to buy??  What kind of Etsy shop is your favorite??

7. Little Flower Cuteness


Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Family Picture with da cool would that be.
    Praying for you, I can't imagine having to wait so long for my child. It'll soon be a memory- I am sure that doesn't help, but it's true.
    I would have bought a dryer yesterday, but I am lazy.

    Okay, as far as esty things. I would totally buy (and have bought) Jesus/Catholic stuff for kids. I am no good at creativity, so I love when people think things through for me. Last year, we bought this ridiculously expensive mass kit that my husband still makes fun of me for buying (it was really expensive) but I totally think it was worth it. :) That's what I'd buy!

  2. Hmmmm....etsy shops. I would go gaga over scrapbooking embellishments or *pretty* jewelry. A lot of the jewelry I see made just looks ho-hum to me. But I think what's most important is what YOU would be good at? And maybe it's skills--writing, editing, photoshopping, something like that?

  3. I don't think I commented on the last post regarding learning disabilities and all of that, mostly because our situation with Daniel is a little different. :) The way I look at it is that every new thing we learn is another piece of the puzzle in understanding how his mind works and how we can best help him to function. Translating the situation to J, the information you have is a new piece of the puzzle regarding him and with it, you can see what else needs to fit in place in order to give him the best education possible.


    PS: If you do manage to run into Cardinal Dolan, just ask him if you can take a family picture with him. The wors he'll do is say "no". He might be positively flattered.

  4. it might be too late for this year and I don't know how long the adoption process will last but have you considered making and selling Christmas cards or Advent candles as a fundraiser?


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