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Giveaway for last two items in Run for the Little Flowers giveaway!

I am trying to catch people where I can.  I have two items left for the Run for the Little Flowers giveaway and since they are more unique items that may not appeal to everyone who registered for the run, I am just going to do a drawing for the last two items out of the people that WANT them.

The items are:

1.. Fortunate Fall CD by Audrey Assad (donated by me)
I took the shrink wrap off but the CD is brand new.  I have a digital copy of this CD and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! 


2. With an Open Heart book by Lisa Murphy (donated by Lisa Murphy)

This is a great book, read my review here.

So, if you ran the Run for the Little Flowers 5K and would like to win one of these items, comment below and tell me which one you would like to win (or both).  I will draw winners from the names here and on Facebook Friday!

Why I did not run the Run for the Little Flowers 5K

I really intended to sit down tonight, at the computer and write 7 Quick Takes, but, I realized that I have not shared ANYTHING about the Run for the Little Flowers.  So, I want to take this post to just share some things. First, I have not done ANY totals.  Last year, I knew EVERY PENNY that was donated from the run to Little Flower Projects. This year, because the money went directly to Little Flower Projects, I have not kept track of it at all.  It is simple math after all:Multiply the total number of runners by $25 and then subtract the cost of the shirts.  But, I have not done it yet.  And I am happy to say I have not done it because more people are still registering!!  That is the beauty of the virtual run!  And, I thank all of you who have posted pictures of your run and shared it with others.  It is because of all of you that the run is growing.  With that being said, we are over 200 runners  and growing! Some fun, quick stats: - The Southern states topped in generosity and par…

Run for the Little Flowers Recap and Link-up

This past Saturday, we had a local meet-up for the run for the Little Flowers 5K.  I promise I will add actual details about it and stats on the run, but for now, I am leaving you with the link up. So, if you have posted pictures on your blog or blogged about your run, link up below!  Remember you will get entries in the giveaway if you link you before Thursday!

The shirts are here!! And an update!

The shirts are here and I will be mailing shirts and medals starting Thursday!!  Woohoo!  But, if you have NOT registered, there is still time.  I have lots of extra shirts and would love to sell out.  This is what I have left as of 10/9: Youth Small- 2
Youth Med- 5
Youth Large- 8
Women's Small-4
Women's Medium-7
Women's Large-6
Unisex Small-5
Unisex Medium- 6
Unisex Large-7

Unisex XL-2
Unisex XXL-1
(This size does NOT show up on the registration form BUT you may message me and I will save this for you!)
Please continue to spread the word!  And register here!

Run for the Little Flowers . . . . it is coming soon!!

The medals came in yesterday!  I am really happy with how they turned out.   The shirts will be mailled on Monday and I should have them Wednesday.

And, do not worry if you are not registered yet, there is still time!  I was able to add more shirts to the order and I have several in each size, so please join us to run for these precious little flowers!!
Register here!

Restoration is spelled with an "I"

The last few months have been rough.  Emotionally, physically and spiritually.  We have had something pretty serious happen that has zapped me emotionally.  Physically, I have been worn down due to whatever I got from the kids.  I have not been able to exercise at all either, which has made me feel even more sluggish.  And although I have been praying a bunch lately, I feel pretty spiritually run down too.

I was really looking forward to going to Rome with my hubby.  Truthfully, I saw it as my life preserver.  It would be a spiritual pilgrimage.  Time away with my husband. Time to really get rejuvenated.  So, when my husband and I looked at reality and decided that it may not be best that I go, I felt a little lost. I was not quite sure what to do to restore myself.  Because that is exactly what I felt like I needed.


And I knew I needed to do something to get it.  We have been limping along in homeschool.  And as much as I try to fake enthusiasm and try to rouse the boys …