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Better than meeting Willy Wonka

I intended to write a post about what I did on Friday, but, what I got to do pales in comparison to what my husband did on Friday. He gets to do things that are so much cooler than what I get to do.  At least I get to say that I am married to him!

As I hopped into the van on Friday, ready to head off onto my adventure, I noticed I got an email from my husband.  The first line said, "I got a yellow ticket!"

A yellow ticket?? The only thing I could think of was Willy Wonka and a golden ticket.  Did he mean a golden ticket?? An Italian Willy Wonka?? Was he consuming way too many chocolate bars while in Rome? 

Then I read the next line . . .

"I am going to meet the Pope at 2PM!"

He proceeded to write that the Pope was speaking at the conference he was attending and that after that, several of the attendees would get to meet the Pope and shake his hand.  They called out the names of those selected, and my hubby was one of them!  He was given a yellow ticket!

And there is his yellow ticket, around his neck!

He said that meeting the Pope was surreal and it is hard to even remember the moment. My husband decided to speak to the Pope in Spanish (and his Spanish is not very good), so he rehearsed what he would say again and again. 

I am so happy that my hubby got this moment!  He works so hard and this meeting was such a gift and a blessing!!

If you want to see the photos of him meeting Pope Francis, there are tons here.


  1. AMAZING! I think we should photoshop your head on that guy in the background and we can pretend you were there, too :)

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! So lucky! I hope he didn't wash his hands until you can touch them :)


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