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7 Quick Takes

Yay! It is Friday!  It appears that I am only finding time to blog on Thursday nights, while my hubby is out of town. So here it goes . . .

The cough/croup thing that has been plaguing our family has caused me some pain.  The cartilage in my rib cage is inflamed and my intercostal muscles are strained.  I had been in a lot of pain, but thanks to my doctor for pain medication, I can get through my days again.  But, that is not why I brought this all up . . .

Because of the pain, I went to my chiropractor. While treating me, she abruptly said, "Are you set on adopting a special needs child?"  This was followed by statements like, "Are you prepared for . . . ", "It will disrupt the peace in your home., "The child will not speak English."

Now, I know she was well meaning.  But, how do you explain to a person that even though you know something may be hard, that is no reason NOT to do it? That sometimes the blessings that come from it will far outweigh the difficulties? 

When I told my husband about the encounter, he said, "Why is it that I think those same things, but the minute someone else says them, I recognize it for what it is?  Satan trying to plant doubt in our minds."

He was so right.

One more hoop!
Our fire inspection for our homestudy is next week.  Say a prayer that we have everything in order.  The Fire Marshal made it sound very basic, but I am heading to Lowes to get new smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and one of those rope ladders, just in case.  I do not want to have to get reinspected because everything is not in order the first time around.

Work widow
There are 30 days in September.  My husband is/has been travelling for 15 of those 30.  And 8 of those are the last days of the month. Not that I am counting or anything.

Perfectly imperfect
That should be the name of our homeschool year.  We started late due to illness.  Our last two weeks have not gone well, thanks to educational testing, doctors visits, and my hubby travelling.  Strangely I think it is all a part of HIS plan.  I am learning to let go more and more of my own expectations and where I want the boys to be in their learning and what I want our homeschool to look like, and just allow it to be a bit more organic and meet the boys where they are at.  We have hired a tutor for K for reading, which is so good because it allows me to have time with A and J and it gives K that much needed, focused time on reading. K's tutor is his Godmother and he just loves working with her (and she makes him cookies!) I am holding off any other major decisions/changes to our schooling until we meet with the educational psychologist to get J's results and see what truly is best for him. 

"I am only going for the food"
My 5 yr old, A, loves to tell people that he is going to go to China to get a baby brother.  The other day, he came up to me, with this little bag and shared with me how he is going to pack that bag with some cars so that he can take it to China and he will play cars with his new brother and keep the bag next to the bed at the hotel.

As he so sweetly is telling me all of this, my oldest walks through the room and says, 

"I want to go to China too, but I am only going for the food."

Apparently his love for Chinese food outweighs his desire for another brother!


Do not forget to register for the Run for the Little Flowers Virtual 5K before September 25th to be guaranteed a t-shirt.  I will order extras, but only a limited amount, so do not wait, register today!

OK, so these boys are no longer in Little Flower Projects' care, but I just had to share how much they have grown! 

June 2012
September 2013


 I think they are two of the cutest twins and I not-so-secretly want to adopt them.  But, that is not why I am posting their adorable little faces.  YOUR registration fee helps precious little souls like these get the love and the care they need.  I could preach on how China needs more organizations like Little Flower Projects and New Day Foster home because the care that children get in their homes is exceptional and those children are given an environment to thrive in.  Orphans in typical orphanage sleep in cribs WITHOUT mattresses, and blankets.  Their basic needs are met, barely.  They live in sterile rooms, and have very little interaction with their caregivers.

So, when you register for this run, you are allowing more children to be cared for in a better environment.  YOU help to give hope for a future for orphans such as these.

Stepping off my soapbox now . . . (register)

Happy weekend everyone!
Thanks, Jen for hosting!


  1. Ugh, I'm sorry you're sick AND have a traveling husband!! That is HARD. Prayers you're better soon. Are you guys definitely getting a boy??? I may have missed that!

    1. Mary-
      We do not know for sure yet. But we are open to a boy and because we are and most waiting children in China are boys (people prefer to adopt girls, in general, because they think girls are easier), we will most likey get a boy.

      I keep saying "he" and "brother", so we assuredly will get a referral for a girl ;-)

  2. Oh my gosh, they are adorable!!!

    Are you trying to adopt a boy or girl, or just taking whatever you get??

    1. Really, whatever, but my boys want another brother.

  3. We were open to either gender and were matched with boys both times! But we have friends who were open to either and were matched with a girl, so anything can happen. Those twins are so cute. I keep hoping to hear they have a family--maybe yours? :)

  4. Such adorable twins! How lucky they are to have you supporting them. I have never heard of this program, but I've definitely heard about the orphanages in China. How very sad and unfortunate for those babies! Someday, it's my secret wish to adopt too. From where, I don't know. But I think God has planted in my heart, I don't know when, that I should save at least one of his abandoned ones....God Bless you for what you are doing!


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