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7 Quick Takes- A plea, adoption updates, and tackling a fear

Another week has gone by and I have not posted.  When summer was here, I kept thinking that summer felt so much busier than the school year, but now that the school year is here, I am wondering just what I was thinking over the summer!!

But, it is Thursday night, my hubby is away for work, again, and the house is quiet, except for the clicking of these keys on the keyboard . . .

If you get a moment, please share about this run on your blog, facebook, pinterest, instagram or your preferred social media.  The numbers are much lower this year and I just want to get the word out more.  I am totally OK with the run being smaller, because ANY money that goes Little Flower Projects from this run is a gift, but I want to do all I can for them.  So, if you have time, please share about this fundraiser for a GREAT cause.

This little girl with thank you for it!


2. I never shared . . .
This happened about two months ago now, but my boys got to serve at a mass with Cardinal Wuerl!!  My oldest is an altar server at our parish and we knew that he was going to be serving at the mass, but when I went back to the area where the servers were getting ready and saw this . . .

I got very a little nervous.  He's 7.  He hasn't even had his First Communion yet. And he cannot sit still at mass.  And he would be sitting close to the Cardinal?!?!  Excuse me nice, old, Franciscan, but what are you thinking?!?!

But K was a ROCK.  He held the Cardinal's miter during mass (J held his staff).  And K was so good.  I was so proud of my boys!

3. Conquering a fear
I do not like bridges.  Not all bridges, just long, tall ones.  Especially driving over them with my kids in the car.  And we live fairly close to one too.  The Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  I try to avoid going to the Eastern Shore unless my hubby is in the car with me.  I am weird, I know.

But, it is time to face this fear.

Yep, I am running it!  The 10K Across the Bay! I think this will probably be one of the hardest races I have run (basically you are running up ONE BIG HILL) and the scariest (because I have heard you can feel the bridge sway).  But, I figured this is one way to tackle this fear once and for all!

4.  Adoption Update

I got an all-too-familiar email this week.  We have a new homestudy coordinator. AGAIN.  This is our third.  Our other two moved away.  One of our reference letters was MIA.  And I was being told I needed to get inspections that I knew we did not need,  and we needed to pay ANOTHER $1,800 before they would complete our homestudy. 

All of that, in one email.  I was worried and concerned.  Our homestudy is going slowly.  From other people I talked to, their's just seem to go easily, everything done at the same time; 2 months and done.  So, with this new information all coming at once and the crawl that our homestudy seems to be moving at, I began to wonder if we had signed up with some sort of scam agency.

Thankfully, we have not.  I called the next day, shared my concerns and suddenly the missing reference letter was found, and I was assured that they would get our homestudy done as soon as possible.  I also found out that the main reason our homestudy is taking so long is because of Maryland law.  The man at the agency referred to our state as the "gestapo" when it comes to how the paperwork is done.  While I am sure that it is a good thing that they want to make sure all the paperwork is done and approved before homestudy visits, for this adopting mom, I wish I lived in a state that was a little more relaxed about it.

But, it looks like we are close to the end of our homsetudy . . . . just a few more hoops before we more to the next level of paperwork!

5.  LOTR Crazy
(That's Lord of the Rings for all you non-fans ;-))

Do you see the Ent face??
My kids are currently on a Lord of the Rings kick.  They have set up a camp in our backyard and pretend to be Riders of Rohan awaiting battle.  We go on nature walks and they search for Ents.  K was so excited when he found this tree.  He begged me to take his picture next to the Ent! 
6.  Loving this Verse . . .
7. Little Flower Cuteness
My 7 takes would not be complete without an adorable orphan shot.

Happy weekend everyone!!  For more Quick Takes, visit Jen!


  1. Love it all! That ent is great!! And good for you for running the bridge. Heights and I do not get along. I can barely go near Niagara Falls because I panic and I still haven't brought my children to see the wonder of the world that is 20 minutes away! I love that your boys are servers and they look awesome. I'm so torn on that. I'd love for John Paul to become a server but I really really wish he could be trained by someone who knew the liturgically proper way to do things rather than the less formal and lazier way, you know? I think that is really important. Right now we don't have that.

  2. #3: We had the new span of the Bay Bridge (between San Francisco and Oakland) open and there were news reports about people with that fear. There's also a bridge in Washington that seems to pretty much sit on either Puget Sound or Lake Washington (I can't remember which) which is always interesting. Where we lived in Minnesota, the bridge over Lac Qui Parle Lake (totally redundant, I know) sits almost directly on the water and I kind of wonder what they'd do if there was ever a decent flood.


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