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Better than meeting Willy Wonka

I intended to write a post about what I did on Friday, but, what I got to do pales in comparison to what my husband did on Friday. He gets to do things that are so much cooler than what I get to do.  At least I get to say that I am married to him!

As I hopped into the van on Friday, ready to head off onto my adventure, I noticed I got an email from my husband.  The first line said, "I got a yellow ticket!"

A yellow ticket?? The only thing I could think of was Willy Wonka and a golden ticket.  Did he mean a golden ticket?? An Italian Willy Wonka?? Was he consuming way too many chocolate bars while in Rome? 

Then I read the next line . . .

"I am going to meet the Pope at 2PM!"
He proceeded to write that the Pope was speaking at the conference he was attending and that after that, several of the attendees would get to meet the Pope and shake his hand.  They called out the names of those selected, and my hubby was one of them!  He was given a yellow ticket!

He said tha…

Run for the Little Flowers Update!! Important!

Hi all.  I cannot believe what has happened in the last few days!  Registrations have been SLOW. The run is doing fine, but numbers are much lower than last year.  I placed the order for the medals weeks ago (due to length of production) and the shirt order this past Wednesday.  I ordered enough shirts for everyone who was registered, plus a generous amount in every size based on the average number of registrations we have been getting everyday.

But, between Friday and today, we have gotten a lot of registrations.  So many, that we are SOLD OUT OF MEDALS AND SHIRTS!!

I am thrilled, and sad all at the same time.  I still want to accommodate anyone else who may want to run/walk in this virtual.  So, if you have not registered and still want to (and you want a shirt)  PLEASE leave a comment or email me at: katiepetko (at) yahoo (dot) com.  I may place a second shirt order or I might be able to add more shirts to the order I just placed.

Thank you all for you support!!

7 Quick Takes- A parenting mistake, some laughs, church leaders, and some of my faves!

Happy Friday!! Wahoo!  It is the end of the week.  Thanks, Jen, for hosting!!

1. Noah On Tuesday, I took the boys to the Sight and Sounds Theater to see Noah.  I have heard a lot of great things about that theater and the promotional video of Noah looked like it would be a fun show to see.  The production was great, but there were parts that were mildly traumatic and it was one of those "what were you thinking" parenting moments.  We were sitting in the theatre, which looked amazing because it felt like you are in the Ark, surround by the animals, but then the rain started, and the door of the Ark closed and, well, you could hear the suffering outside of the Ark.  Noah's brother pounding on the door to get in.  Crying.  Rain. Suffering.  Then nothing.

Now, I know that IS the story of the flood, but I just thought "cute animals and the rainbow." I forgot about the suffering and annihilation of almost every human and living thing on earth.  So, if you live near o…

7 Quick Takes

Yay! It is Friday!  It appears that I am only finding time to blog on Thursday nights, while my hubby is out of town. So here it goes . . .

-1- The cough/croup thing that has been plaguing our family has caused me some pain.  The cartilage in my rib cage is inflamed and my intercostal muscles are strained.  I had been in a lot of pain, but thanks to my doctor for pain medication, I can get through my days again.  But, that is not why I brought this all up . . .

Because of the pain, I went to my chiropractor. While treating me, she abruptly said, "Are you set on adopting a special needs child?"  This was followed by statements like, "Are you prepared for . . . ", "It will disrupt the peace in your home., "The child will not speak English."

Now, I know she was well meaning.  But, how do you explain to a person that even though you know something may be hard, that is no reason NOT to do it? That sometimes the blessings that come from it will far outwei…

7 Quick Takes- A plea, adoption updates, and tackling a fear

Another week has gone by and I have not posted.  When summer was here, I kept thinking that summer felt so much busier than the school year, but now that the school year is here, I am wondering just what I was thinking over the summer!!

But, it is Thursday night, my hubby is away for work, again, and the house is quiet, except for the clicking of these keys on the keyboard . . .

1. Run for the Little Flowers

If you get a moment, please share about this run on your blog, facebook, pinterest, instagram or your preferred social media.  The numbers are much lower this year and I just want to get the word out more.  I am totally OK with the run being smaller, because ANY money that goes Little Flower Projects from this run is a gift, but I want to do all I can for them.  So, if you have time, please share about this fundraiser for a GREAT cause.

This little girl with thank you for it!

2. I never shared . . . This happened about two months ago now, but my boys got to serve at a mass with Car…

7 Quick Takes- The evening edition

I realize that I have been neglecting this space lately.  I miss writing, I really do. I like to catalogue what we are going and life here.  I miss writing the funny, "what they said posts" too and I realized., the other day, that my kids are getting too old to say too many off-the-wall zany things! Oh, man, I miss the funnies!

But we are hanging on here and life is moving forward.  And this is what we have been up to, what I haven't been up to and some complete randomness thrown in there! Happy Friday everyone!

Go visit Jen, for more inspirational Quick Takes!

1. Homeschool

We officially started school this Wednesday.  I had wanted to start WEEKS ago, but with the sickness that has been in our house, I just could not.  This was the first week we all seemed to be well ENOUGH to make it through our school work.

The first days of school went well.  There was only a minor amount of wailing, by K (2nd grade) who lost all confidence in his reading ability, even though he re…

Another Run for the Little Flowers Giveaway!

School has started. pumpkin spice lattes are in the air, and we are getting closer to the Run for the Little Flowers!!

We are over 50 registrations and I want to break 100 this week!  We are having another giveaway!!  All people regsitered before Tuesday, September 10th, will be entered in a giveaway for a $25 Amazon gift card!

And if we break 100, we will giveaway a $40 giftcard!
So, go register here!  And tell your frieds to as well!