Friday, July 19, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

Thanks, Jen, for hosting!
1. This should be my first post at WORDPRESS . . .
But, I do not do well with change . . .

I will get there soon!

2. Roman Holiday???

So, I asked this on Facebook and people were overwhelmingly positive. But, I am going to pose this question to the two people who read here . . .

My hubby is going to Rome in September for a week for work.  Unlike last year, this trip is much more relaxed.  Which, means it would be a good trip for me to go on.  I would even be able to go on a pilgrimage with him (which is part of his trip) that includes seeing St. Peter's Tomb and mass with some guy celebrating named POPE FRANCIS!!!  I have never been to Rome (I have never left the Western Hemisphere) and would love to go.  But, I have a hard time justifying the cost of the plane ticket while paying $30,000 for the adoption, about $2,500 for my oldest to get tested by an educational psychologist AND having to find my hubby a car for him to drive to work.  We are Dave Ramsey followers and REFUSE to finance ANY of our expenses, so we are working our tails off to make it all happen.  Could we afford the plane ticket to Rome (which would be the only real expense for me to go)? Yes.

I would totally say no to Rome, except for one, somewhat major thing . . . once the adoption is complete, it will probably several years before we will be in a position to even leave our adopted child overnight.  So, ANY trip, just me and my hubby, is highly unlikely in the near future.
Maybe the time is now??  What do you think??

3. My Ticket to "The Show"
I am an Antiques Roadshow junkie.  I hardly get to see it,  but if the TV is on and it is on TV, I will watch it. I love when they have people on who paid $.25 at a yard sale for something that is an antique treasure!  I secretly want to be on the show and I think I finally have my "ticket" . . .

We are still collecting items for our second yard sale adoption fundraiser coming up.  I picked up a van load full from one particular family.  When I got home I pulled this clock out of a box.
It has a maker's mark on the back with a date from the year 1916!!  The first thing I asked my husband is, "Would it be wrong to keep it for a while so I can get on Antiques Roadshow before we sell it?"

Seriously overwhelmed by the generosity of others!
4. So proud of this guy 

Last week we could not even get him to put his head in the water or swim AT ALL.  And this week, he was swimming across the pool and participated in the mini swim meet yesterday!!  I am so proud of him!!

5. Adoption Update

We are about 90% done with all of our home study paperwork.  I feel like things are moving slowly, but we are plugging away at it.  We are trying not to let the paperwork consume us, but we are trying to get it all done in a timely manner.  We are also working on fundraising and are gearing up for yard sale #2 and fundraisers that will be shared here.  Pray for us!
6. Run for the Little Flowers Fundraiser!

Registration is coming soon!! Watch for it.  It will be a two step process, but hopefully not too cumbersome for y'all!!

7. Some Little Flower Cuteness

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh the clock! You definitely have to hang onto that and try to do the show! If not, at least get it appraised so you get a fair price! So cool!

    It sounds like that trip to Rome would be fantastic. I'm surprised you've never been there! I haven't either but I feel like every other Steubie grad has :) If you have people you trust to care for your kids, I wouldn't let the money thing stop you. God will provide (hey! maybe in the form of that clock ;) Maybe finding a lesser grade car would be worth the trip? Any chance the school system can help with the testing? What a cool opportunity!

    1. Mary- I was a grad student at Steubie, so it was not really an option for me. We are already looking for a lesser grade car (we drive cheaply around here).

      I would have loved to have gone through out local school system, and even looked into it, but it just was not going to be as comprehensive as we had hoped and we would end up at in an educational psychologist's office anyways. We had our first meeting this week and are so happy with this path. Not thrilled with the cost, but we know it will be worth it in the long run.

  2. YOu MUST go to Rome. Just think, it should be waaaaaaay more expensive to go (flight for spouse, hotel for you both) when will you ever have this chance to go again for a measly plane ticket?? I would so do it in a heartbeat!!

    1. I know, I know! Now, just pray we can find someone who can watch the boys.

  3. Go to Rome. Give the details to JPII, he always comes through for us. And he's very popular in Rome these days ;)