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Reaching out . . . Adoption/ Run for the Little Flowers Fundraiser

I should be working on adoption paperwork.  I really should.  It feels like it is going painfully slow.  And, partially, I think I want it to. Because I know once this part is over, I think the process will truly feel like it will be over in a blink of an eye.  When I tell people that, at this time next year, we will probably have our new little one home, I catch myself for a moment. A year.  A year seems so long.  But so short, when there are forms to fill out, money to raise, school to teach, boys to love on and spend special time with before a new little one is added.  I want to slow down time and enjoy every moment, even at this time when my heart cannot wait to be matched with our new one, to travel to China, and hold him in our arms for the first time.

Yet this post is not about heart longings or time.  It is about the practical.  While trying to raise money for our own adoption, I find myself still called to the Run for the Little Flowers to raise money for the Little Flower Projects.  This is not about me, after all.  It is about God and what HE wants to do.  I just need to be faithful and trust.

And ask for help.

So, this post comes down to asking you all for help.  For the Run for the Little Flowers and for our adoption. 

Since all donations for the run go directly to Little Flower Projects and tax codes are messy and such a pain when all you want to do is something good,  I have told Little Flower Projects that I will try to cover the costs of the medals ordered and the shipping of all the shirts to all registrants.  Luckily, the company that is making the shirts will take Paypal payments and Little Flower Projects can pay them directly out of the money collected from the run. 

But the medals and the shipping is no small amount, especially if there are, and I hope there are, lots of people who decide to run the race.

So, I am doing a fundraiser for the Run for the Little Flowers AND our adoption fund. 

I am taking orders for any item from 147 Million Orphans pages here.  Please take a look at all the items.  There are some really GREAT items that will make great gifts as well.  147 Million Orphans does amazing work around the world and was a sponsor for last year's run.

This year I signed up to do bulk ordering for fundraising purposes with them.  If you are interested in helping, go check out the items available to order hereIf you want to order, click on the "donate" button on my side bar, and donate the amount of the items you want to order and a little extra for shipping.   DO NOT ORDER directly on the 147 Million Orphan website, or I will not get the proceeds!  I am registered with them as a "bulk order fundraiser" which means that I place the order for the items to fundraise. Make sure you give me your name, address, and items ordering in the "add special instructions" section when directed to paypal.

Depending on the number of orders I receive, I will either order on the 15th and 30th of every month or just the 30th of every month.  I will email to confirm your donation and order and let you know when to expect the items.

50% of the proceeds will go to the Run for the Little Flowers to defray costs and 50% of the proceeds will go to our adoption fund.

Of course, you may donate, without a purchase as well.  And if you want the money to go specifically to the run or our adoption fund, just put that in the "special instructions" section as well.

Thank you all so much for your support!!


  1. Katie, does that link go directly to your fundraising? I don't see anything indicating it will go right to you but I'm not familiar with this site. It looks like just a normal shopping cart and checkout. I just want to make sure I do it right so it goes toward this cause! Thanks!

    1. Mary- You use the button on MY BLOG on the right to donate or "order" items. DO NOT purchase via the 147 Million Orphan webite or I will not get the proceeds. I take orders, and then order from them with a special discount to raise the funds.

      Does that clarify it? I probably should put that in the post too!

    2. Yes, thank you! Glad I didn't do it the other way!

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  3. I didn't know about the running.
    It is a great idea!

    Blogger, A Saving Love…that will change a Child’s Life! |

  4. How much do the different items cost?

    1. Sarah Jean,

      You can go to the link in the post. It will take you to the 147 Million Orphan Website and you can see all the items and the cost.


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