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2nd Annual Run for the Little Flowers Virtual 5K

UPDATE: As of 10/9:  These are the sizes that I have left:
Youth Small- 2
Youth Med- 5
Youth Large- 8
Women's Small-4
Women's Medium-7
Women's Large-6
Unisex Small-5
Unisex Medium- 6
Unisex Large-7...
Unisex XL-2
Unisex XXL-1 (This size does NOT show up on the registration form BUT you may message me and I will save this for you!)
UPDATE: As of 10/1 I have been able to add shirts to the order. I have 5 more in EVERY size.  I will post when they are low or are all gone.
Thank you all so much for you generous support of this run!
UPDATE: AS of 9/29, we are sold out of medals.  We still have shirts, but cannot offer medals to anymore runners.

Last year, when I decided that I just needed to do SOMETHING to help the orphans in China, I had no idea what would come of the Run for the Little Flowers and that, a year later, I would be posting about the Second Annual Run for the Little Flowers (and be in the process of adopting our own "little flower").  But, here we are and I am so happy to do this again!
The Second Annual Run for the Little Flowers Virtual 5K
This fundraiser is to benefit Little Flower Projects, a US registered non-profit that was started by Brent and Serena Johnson.  To read more about their work, please read this great article about Brent.  I was honored to speak to Brent on the phone last year and I am even more convinced of the amazing work they do.  And, like them on Facebook too, you will fall in love with the children in their care!
Little Flower Projects works with oprhans with special medical needs in China.  They have set up homes that give the care these orphans need, while giving them even something more precious, love.  Little Flower Projects is named for their patron, St. Therese of Lisieux.
One of last year's "runners", a little girl adopted from China.  SHE is what this run is all about!
When: Saturday, October 19, 2013.  While this is the scheduled date for the run, you can do the run any day that works for you!
Where: Where ever you are!  This is a virtual run, so you complete it right where you are.  I am planning a meet up in the DC area, so watch for details on that!
What: 5K- Walk run or crawl 3 miles.  If you cannot do 3 miles, do what you can to join us in solidarity for these precious orphans.
How much: The registration fee is $25.  Each registrant gets a t-shirt (women's cut, unisex and youth sizes available, see size chart here for sizing information), and, if they want, a medal.  MEDALS ARE SOLD OUT.

The bottom shows you the quote on the back of the shirt.

This year registration is a little different.  All money goes directly to Little Flower Projects (will show up on PayPal as China Little Flower).  You will get a receipt from Little Flower Projects, for tax purposes, once the run is over.  The approximate donation, minus expenses, will be $17.
You can register up to 4 people at once.  If you need to register more than that, please fill out the form more than once. 
You MUST check the medal box if you want a medal.  The first 100 to request a medal, will receive one.  I am really trying to cut down costs, so the medal is optional.  There is a "No Shirt" option if you do not want a shirt and just want a medal, or neither.
You must be registered by September 25th to be guaranteed a t-shirt.  There will be limited quantities available after that date.
 Our giveaway page is up hereGo check it out and learn how to earn extra entries!
To keep updated on the fun giveaways and other news about the run, please like our Facebook page here.
I have launched a fundraiser in conjunction with 147 Million Orphans to help offset some of the costs I will incur from the run.  Please read this post for information!
So grab your friends, get a group together, and start training!! Oh, and spread the word!! I am a small time blogger and need all the help I can get making this run a success!
Finally go to this page to register (or click on the Registration tab at the top of this page)! If you want to donate by check, please email me at katiepetko (at) yahoo (dot) com.
God Bless!!

Our local meet up in the DC area.


  1. Excited to participate again! I am not seeing the registration tab....I am probably dumb and just missing it, but can you point it out?


    1. It is at the top right of the tabs, labeled "Run for the Little Flowers registration"

  2. Since we have just moved, I am trying to get to know as many people as possible in our new community so that we can participate in the run!! I'm still in for the donations....

  3. I'm registered but it probably shows as being paid under my husband's name so Allan is me and my email is suzieq16132 at yahoo dot com if you need it for anything!

  4. I didn't know about the running.
    It is a great idea!

    Blogger, A Saving Love…that will change a Child’s Life! |

  5. Katie, I have been meaning to blog about this for too long! I finally did today. I hope you get a lot more registrants! Miss you!

  6. Katie, sorry to be bombarding you with messages, this is the 3rd one. Just wondering as I'm filling out the registration if it will be excepted since I'm in Canada and there are no options for postal code rather than zip...can I register another way? -Debz

  7. Katie, sorry to be bombarding you with messages, this is the 3rd one. Just wondering as I'm filling out the registration if it will be excepted since I'm in Canada and there are no options for postal code rather than zip...can I register another way? -Debz


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