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Reaching out . . . Adoption/ Run for the Little Flowers Fundraiser

I should be working on adoption paperwork.  I really should.  It feels like it is going painfully slow.  And, partially, I think I want it to. Because I know once this part is over, I think the process will truly feel like it will be over in a blink of an eye.  When I tell people that, at this time next year, we will probably have our new little one home, I catch myself for a moment. A year.  A year seems so long.  But so short, when there are forms to fill out, money to raise, school to teach, boys to love on and spend special time with before a new little one is added.  I want to slow down time and enjoy every moment, even at this time when my heart cannot wait to be matched with our new one, to travel to China, and hold him in our arms for the first time.

Yet this post is not about heart longings or time.  It is about the practical.  While trying to raise money for our own adoption, I find myself still called to the Run for the Little Flowers to raise money for the Little Flower P…

2nd Annual Run for the Little Flowers Virtual 5K

UPDATE: As of 10/9:  These are the sizes that I have left: Youth Small- 2
Youth Med- 5
Youth Large- 8
Women's Small-4
Women's Medium-7
Women's Large-6
Unisex Small-5
Unisex Medium- 6
Unisex Large-7...
Unisex XL-2
Unisex XXL-1 (This size does NOT show up on the registration form BUT you may message me and I will save this for you!) UPDATE: As of 10/1I have been able to add shirts to the order. I have 5 more in EVERY size.  I will post when they are low or are all gone. Thank you all so much for you generous support of this run! UPDATE: AS of 9/29, we are sold out of medals.  We still have shirts, but cannot offer medals to anymore runners.

Last year, when I decided that I just needed to do SOMETHING to help the orphans in China, I had no idea what would come of the Run for the Little Flowers and that, a year later, I would be posting about the Second Annual Run for the Little Flowers (and be in the process of adopting our own "little flower").  But, here we are and I…

Seven Quick Takes

Thanks, Jen, for hosting! 1. This should be my first post at WORDPRESS . . . But, I do not do well with change . . .

I will get there soon!

2. Roman Holiday???
So, I asked this on Facebook and people were overwhelmingly positive. But, I am going to pose this question to the two people who read here . . .

My hubby is going to Rome in September for a week for work.  Unlike last year, this trip is much more relaxed.  Which, means it would be a good trip for me to go on.  I would even be able to go on a pilgrimage with him (which is part of his trip) that includes seeing St. Peter's Tomb and mass with some guy celebrating named POPE FRANCIS!!!  I have never been to Rome (I have never left the Western Hemisphere) and would love to go.  But, I have a hard time justifying the cost of the plane ticket while paying $30,000 for the adoption, about $2,500 for my oldest to get tested by an educational psychologist AND having to find my hubby a car for him to drive to work.  We are Dave Ramsey …

I'm Moving!

I am not "moved in" yet, but my blog is getting all set up at wordpress.  Check it out here.  Once it is officially up, I will link to it again and this space will get really quite.

Oh, and if anyone knows how to set up a registration page one wordpress, leave a comment.  I am working hard to get registration up and running for the Run for the Little Flowers!