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7 Quick Takes - The "I am still alive edition!"

I am going to try to make these 7 quick takes quick and informative.  Just in case anyone in the cyberworld was wondering, yes we are all still alive and doing well.


 I am not sure where the term "Lazy days of summer" came from, but that is not my reality at all.  We are up and out of the house early so the kids can go to swim team practice EVERY MORNING.  Meets are on Saturday mornings and we have to be at the pool by 7:20 for warm-ups.  Next week, I think the meet is like 45 min. away.  No. No lazy days of summer here.

2.  I feel like the adoption paperwork is a little like treading water.  At times, I think I am doing pretty well and keep afloat and other times I feel like I have to just dive down under the water and swim as hard as I can.  We are in the middle of lots of home study paperwork.  We got a bunch done this past week, got it notarized and sent it off.  Right now, we are taking a couple day break and then getting ready to plunge back into the water to complete round # ? . . . . oh, I do not know what round we are on.  It is probably better I do not keep track.

3. Overwhelmed
Partially because of all the paperwork, the business of our days (we are still plugging away at school work here too - schooling all year), I have been feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  I have been sleeping horribly and finally had to make a commitment to myself that I needed to wrench my workouts to high gear and my prayer times to MUST HAPPEN first thing in the morning just to try to regain some peace. 

4. Overwhelmed by generosity too . . .
But, I am so overwhelmed by other's generosity too.  We are in the process of planning a yard sale fundraiser for our adoption.  I sent out an email last week asking for donations.  The response has been incredible.  I have gotten a van full of items from a complete stranger, and load after load from friends and aquaintances.  Our house is FULL of donations and there are still more people that are getting items together for us.  If you ever doubt the kindness of others, just come to my house right now, we are over flowing with it!

5.  Makes me so excited for what God will be doing over the next year . . .
This mom is a mom I met at Created for Care (she actually started the retreat).  Their family just picked up their newst family member from China!  I follow her on Facebook and Instagram too and each post, each photograph, she posted just got me so much more excited for our journey over the next year.  When there are moments I cannot see past the stack of papers or the "to-do" list in front of me, I look at the pictures of her little boy and their trip to China and I can see what lies beyond the now.  So hopeful. So exciting!

6.   Love this . . .
And what I love about is it that I have to look no further than my own living room to find my opportunity to do something beautiful for HIM.

7.  Little Flower Cuteness . . .

Mark your calendars!  The "official" date for the run is October 19, 2013 (you can run/walk or crawl as close to the date as you can.)  Registration will open soon!  Run for these precious little ones and for their care givers who love them endlessly!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Katie - I'm so intrigued by the paperwork you keep mentioning. Can you tell us the strangest question you've had to answer so far?
    Glad to hear that you're well and are making it through this busy time!

  2. prayers for calm in your stress. Also, I just love how your sweet baby is being knitted into your family right now. God is so good and we are praying for you as you move along this process. Though frustrating, Imma go head and imagine that as soon as he/she is in your arms, all the frustration will melt away :)

  3. I wish so much that the adoption process wasn't so overwhelming and complicated. It really does scare so many people away. If we ever are able to do it, expect to be my mentor :)

  4. prayers for you as you seek to do beautiful works for Him, inside your home and beyond.

  5. Prayers for peace and strength for the days ahead.
    Hope the boys are enjoying all the swimming.

  6. Good luck with all the paperwork! It's a lot, but then it's behind you and one day you're holding your child in your arms. So, so amazing.

  7. Praying for the paperwork, I know it gets overwhelming sometimes! Just keep chugging a long:) Praying for the little one God is preparing for your family as well! We are enjoying swimming this summer as well, no swim meets but 2 of the kids have their first summer kids tri on Saturday morning so they have been working hard on their laps!


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