Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes - 7 years with our K!

Today is my middle son's 7th Birthday!  Happy Birthday K!  We have had such a fun 7 years and I cannot wait to see what God has in store with you!

You arrived early evening, born to my OB's newest CD by KT Tunstall! My best and easiest c-section.  J beamed and lit up when he saw you.  We were all so happy to have you!
And you were such a good baby.  A good sleeper, a good eater.  You have been our only "chunky monkey". 
My little 2 year old.  Your little personality came out. You were friendly and smiled and talked to everyone.  And you always seemed to look like you were modelling in all of your pictures.
Oh, man, those 3 yr old eyes. . . .

And, your 4 yr old goofiness . . .

Each year you have shown us more of your special heart.  You have a kindness that is so deep and special.  You are always looking out for your brothers and others.

You have a genuine and pure heart for Jesus.

Your smile lights up our days.  You are a special young boy, K.  You work so hard and attack all you do with excitement.  We love you so much!
Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy birthday to your son! Loved your 7 quick takes for his 7 years!

  2. So sweet! Happy Birthday! (my son, Aaron, will be 7 tomorrow and when I told him what I was reading about he said, "oh! it will be kind of fun to have a twin!" Kids are funny!)

  3. He's such a cutie! Happy 7th Birthday Buddy!!!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday little man!! Isn't it a privilege to watch them grow?? Boys are awesome!!