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7 Quick Takes

Thanks, Jen, for hosting!

1.  My Mother's Day present!
Yep!  The iPhone 4.  I totally thought I was cool, for like a day, and then realized that I am many years behind.  Oh, well . . .

I like it, I am glad I have it, as it has helped with work a bunch already.  I have not played with the iPhone too much yet, since my kids go nuts every time they see me pull it out (I think they think their mom is cool because she has an iPhone!). 

Anyone have any apps that they think are "musts"?

2. We are going camping, people!

Tonight, I will be sleeping in a tent for the first time EVER!  I am not looking forward to it.  We are not camping people, but that is something that God thought had to change because I have two boys in scouts and another who cannot wait to join.  I really do not know what I am doing and feel horribly under prepared.  We have no camping stove, so we will eat breakfast bars and fruit and nuts for breakfast.  We do not have enough sleeping bags.  Actually, we are lucky we have a tent!  I will let you all know how it goes!

3. And because we are camping tonight, my 5 yr old has asked, every 5 minutes since 7 AM, if we can leave now.  It's cuteness wore off around 10AM.

4. A Facebook rant
This morning, I un-friended someone on Facebook.  It was by request and I just need to rant a little.  The person posted a status, bashing people who do not hold the same political views.  This person ASKED people who did not agree with him/her to unfriend him/her.  Those people were referred to as stupid and hateful.  Because this person has posted MANY hate-filled posts about people of opposite political views, and offended my faith, I could not just click "unfriend.," without saying something.  I know this person respects respected me and I thought that if I told this person how their words were hurtful, that they might relent a little.  Well, there was a back and forth. I was diplomatic and, I felt, kind.  I got nothing but stereotypes and hatred back.

I guess the whole thing just baffles me . . . how can someone who, is spewing hatred NOT see that they are doing the exact thing that they are accusing others of doing??  I just do not get it!

5.  Do you ever feel like every other blogger can write profound, meaningful posts and you can barely eek out 7 quick takes? 

Feeling that way RIGHT NOW!

6. Some days I feel like this.  With homeschooling, with eating right, with working out . . .
But I ALWAYS feel better when I persevere!
7. Little Flower Cuteness

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. KATIE! Please tell me having three boys doesn't mean I will have to go camping?!?!? PLEASE!!!

    I want an iphone, mostly for the camera.

    Your rant- I hear you. The unbelievable hypocrisy is too much to handle

    1. Mary, if it makes you feel any better, I have 4 boys and will NEVER go camping. Oh my gosh I am so not a fan sleeping where wild beasts roam. If my kids decided they want to do it, then Dad can take them. Katie, you are a much better mom than I (but I already knew that!)

    2. Mary-
      Just stay away from scouting. We have successfully avoided the twice a year scout camp out for YEARS now. I just could not think of a good excuse this year. Plus, I figured it would be good practice since it only for a night. I am taking my oldest to Webelo camp this summer and will have to camp with him for a whole week!

  2. FIRST time in a tent?!?! Wow! Have an awesome time! I can't say I looove camping but it qualifies as A Good Experience. Yep, that's it.

    And yeah, the hypocrisy. It is insane how intolerant the tolerance preachers are.

    #5? Yep!!

    1. Mary,

      If sleeping in a tent in my living room and ATTEMPTING to sleep in a tent in our backyard counts, then this will be my THIRD time :-) When I was a kid, my parents had a camper and we would go to a local lake most weekends during the summer, but that is NOT the same as a tent.

      And on #5 . . . I struggled this week! Ah, I need to find more blogging fodder in my life!

  3. Congrats on your new phone!!
    Have fun this weekend, we are also going on a trip so I have probably been answering similar questions all day.

  4. Oh, my gosh, Katie, you MUST blog about your camping trip!! We LOVE to camp!! It's a little tricky/labor intensive at first, but you will eventually love it, especially when you see how much fun your boys are having!! Please let me know how it goes!!

  5. #2: I grew up camping with my family and Girl Scouts. I'd do it now except it isn't totally safe with Daniel.

    #4: The person probably thinks her hate spewing isn't hate spewing because she's exposing the hate spewing of others even though she is doing so in a hateful way. (I have a few people like that on my Facebook.


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