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7 Quick Takes - Lots I want to say, but will keep my mouth shut, for the most part

1.  The Boy Scouts of  America Decision
I could write a whole post on this alone, but I just do not want to right now.  I am saddened by the decision for many reasons.  I have read many comments about the decision on both sides and they anger me.  There is no charity and respect anymore.  I am most distraught by comments made by people who call themselves Christians  . . . if this is how most Chistinas act and speak, no wonder people are leaving churches. 

The only thing I will say that sums up my thoughts on this issue is a quote from the founder of On My Honor.  This is a paraphrase of what he said;  he said that Scouts in not the place for sexuality and politics and activism. And, I totally agree with him.  Scouting should be about fun and camping and character development.

One more thing that I think people did NOT understand is that the former policy already allowed for scouts with same sex attraction (which I have No problem with):
The essence of the difference between the old policy and the proposed new policy is that the old policy prohibits “open and avowed” homosexuality for both BSA youth and adult members but the new policy removes that prohibition for boys and requires every BSA unit to accept “open and avowed” homosexual youth up to 17 years old. Importantly, the current policy already allows for BSA members who have a same-sex attraction but do not act out openly or inappropriately to be in good standing and to earn Scouting’s highest rank of Eagle. This is a critical point that has been obscured by pro-resolution advocates but one which is irrefutable.
For more on this go here.

2.  It is going to get quiet around here.

Lots of new things going on in my life.  Between adoption paperwork, working more, swim team starting, homeschooling year round . . .

You get the idea.  I will not be posting much.   I am going to make a switch to wordpress soon and I feel God moving me in a specific direction right now.  I am excited about the changes!

3.  Pool opens this weekend

It currently is 56 outside.  My kids are more than welcome to jump in the pool and risk hypothermia . . . I think I will wait until the POOL WATER TEMPERATURE is about 80!  I feel bad for my boys.  Swim team starts next Tuesday.  It will be cool all weekend, which means my boys will be BLUE by the end of practice!

4.  Waiting . . .

I have talked a lot about waiting on God lately and this is how I feel right now!
5.  Run Pretty Far is in the house!
Yesterday I got a BIG box of the cutest running items from Run Pretty Far!! They are not for me, of course, but to sell at the Zooma Annapolis Expo I will be working at next weekend.  But, I will say this . . . . I now want EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of RPFs items!! They are adorable!!  I think I may need to buy this one first . . .
6. My boys . . .

I have three of the most, super awesome boys right now and I would love these two to enter the fray . . .
Seriously, it would take a MIRACLE to get matched with these two cuties.
Will you pray along with me for that miracle???
Pray for little Yi that just arrived at Little Flower Projects.  He was born with Down Syndrome.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh, those twin babies!! How adorable are they? Prayers for your discernment and for Yi. I wish I could just scoop him up and take him in.

  2. So excited for you as you wait to see who your new child(ren?) will be!

  3. #1: I come from a Scouting family (my evil twin is an Eagle Scout and I have the Silver and Gold Awards for Girl Scouts) and my husband is an Eagle Scout. I can tell you from experience that the decision won't make any difference except for maybe a couple boys staying with scouting longer. At least half of my husband's troop came out of the closet after their Eagle Courts and they're incredible men in their own right. I also agree that Scouting is not the place for politics, activism, and sexuality -- let's teach our youth to stand on their own two feet, to be informed citizens, and how to survive in the world.

    #2: If you have mechanical questions with Wordpress, I can probably help you -- I've been using it and its predecessor for probably 10 years now. You're on your own when it comes to themes but if you run it on an independent domain, I can help you import all your entries and explain the various widgets and stuff.

    1. Jen, I really hope you are right about scouts. My fear is that scouts WILL get politicized and it will ruin the whole scouting experience. I have read remarks from the BSA president and I agree with everything he said and I think that if what he said is truly how scouts will be run, then scouts will be ok.

  4. The scouting issue is so sad. My brothers are Eagle scouts and my dad is a Silver Beaver award winner who has been active in scouts for over 20 years. I'm heading over to WordP Press in June - maybe we can help each other out! But, I'm really excited!!

  5. I love the picture of your boys, hope your summer is starting out great. I need to get a couple of notes shot off to you but like you- life is busy right now. I will get it sent soon. Each time I see pictures of these two little guys, I smile & pray friend!


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