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Baptisms, First Communions and Confirmations, OH, MY! (A Giveaway!!!!)

It is that time of year, isn't it wonderful!?!  Flowers are in bloom, Christ is Risen, Happy Easter!  And, now we head into the season of First Communions, Confirmations, and Baptisms for spring babies!  I already have a bunch of these blessed events on my calendar and I will be honest, I am horrible at buying gifts for these!  I am one of those people who usually is running into the store for a card and/or gift on the way to the party!  But, luckily, Catholic Family Gifts contacted me about doing a review.

Catholic Family Gifts is a family owned and operated company.  They have a online store and a real store that looks incredible.  The online store carries First Communion, Confirmation and Baptism items and gifts.  I was very impressed with their selection and it gave me lots of ideas for gifts! Some of my favorites are:

The First Communion Cross.  My oldest received one like this as a gift and he, treasures it!
First Communion Cross
 St. Anthony of Padua movie (DVD).  I think good, quality movies of the lives of the saints are GREAT gifts ideas for Confirmation.  Catholic Family Gifts has a great selection, and this St Anthony movie is one of my favorites!

Jesus Hugging Boy wall art. So precious!

I was blessed to receive the Teach Me the Rosary Kit to review.  I think this may become my "go to" Baptism Gift.  The Kit contains a child's rosary, along with a book on the Hail Mary and the Our Father.  The books are "board books" which are perfect for taking to mass for your kids to look at.  The illustrations are attractive and the words are simple to help any child grasp the meaning of these precious prayers.

The rosary is big and colorful.  It is made of wood (read: indestructible!).  The price of the kit $24, which makes it a very reasonable gift. I did intend to give this as a gift this year, but my 4 year old kept on trying to take it over because he liked it, so I may just need to buy another!

Catholic Family gifts also carries a variety of books, medal, jewelry, and statues.  Take a moment and check out their site.

And, they have graciously offered one of you , lucky, dear readers, the item of YOUR choosing from this page! So please, enter and spread the word and show Catholic Family Gifts some love!


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  1. I would like the Hobbit Devotional for my boys!

  2. Tough call; Catholic Saints for Moms book, or the children's rosary.

  3. What beautiful selection of items. I love the drawing of Jesus hugging the child. I also think the movie looks interesting. Several year ago right after 9/11, I went to Spain and Portugal on a pilgrimage with a friend who couldn't travel alone for health reasons. We visited many amazing places and the history of many saints.

  4. Hi Katie!! This is a great giveaway! I would love to win the rosary kit! Thank you for hosting!

  5. What a wonderful giveaway! I would love the rosary for our little one. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  6. The teach me the rosary looks great! I would love to have it! Thanks!

  7. Tough call - either the Saints for Moms book for me or the Hobbit Devotional for my husband.

  8. Thank you for hosting this review and giveaway!
    We have shared it on our Facebook page for our followers to check out.
    We are glad to partner with you!

  9. my first Rosary ~ the perfect baby gift:)

  10. The First Communion Cross

  11. The First Communion Cross.

  12. the first communion cross

  13. 1st communion cross


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