Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. Lots of life going on here!  It has been a BUSY, but fun week!! On Monday, the boys and I went to visit Colleen and her family.   I think the blogosphere can be strange in that you honestly get to know people you never met and you consider them friends.  So, it was great to finally meet her.  My boys loved her kids too and keep asking me if we can visit them at their house when we go to Cape Cod over the summer! So, you might just have some summer guests, Colleen!!

Colleen and I
Two of my boys and two of Colleen's with the deer skull and antlers they found!

2.  I have a new job . . .

You know besides being a mom, and homeschooling my children, and life coaching and personal training on the side . . .
I am working for a company called Run Pretty Far. They make super cute running apparel.  The founder of the company, Jenn, is amazing.  This opportunity just fell in my lap and it is needed right now, so I am thanking God for His hand in all of this.  I will be working at a few local race expos for Run Pretty Far.  And, it is VERY part time, but perfect for our family's schedule!
One of my favorite shirts from Run Pretty Far

So, if you are at a Race Expo in the DC area and see a Run Pretty Far booth, come say hi!  It will be me!

3.  I am actually running a race this weekend!
I am running the Sole of the City 10K!  This is the first race I have done in almost a YEAR! It is hard to believe I have been injured for that long.  I am still not 100%, but I can get through 6 miles without any pain, so I consider that a win.  I am going with some ladies from our local chapter of Moms Run This Town, so it should be fun.  I have no time goal since I am not even close to PR shape, but it should be a fun morning!

4. Boston

I had heard about the explosions at the marathon just minutes before leaving from our visit with Colleen.  With things like this, we sort of do a "media blackout" in the house. There is no need for our kids to over hear about what happened in Boston and have them worry, especially since their mom likes to run in races.  So, I have heard and read, "just enough."  The whole thing just makes me so sad.  So sad, especially because the people who were most affected were family members, who  enthusiastically came to the finish to see their loved one accomplish a goal.  It made me think of my second marathon and seeing my boys' faces as I approached the finish line and how that moment was so different for those in Boston on Monday.

Yet, being a runner, I have see the whole running community rally this past week.  So many running groups and individuals have been doing so much to help the community of Boston and those affected by this tragedy.  Another Mother Runner put together a great post of ways to help.  Running stores are putting together events.  It is beautiful to see the outpouring of compassion that is happening right now in the running community.  It makes me so proud to be a runner!

5.  Need your input . . .


 What color do you like the best?????

6. Do not forget about my Albion Fit Crew giveaway!!

7.  Some Little Flower Cuteness for you to start your weekend off right . . .

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Yay! Blogger meet-up!!
    I like the red one the most. Congratulations on the new job!

  2. I like the red one, the black too. Funny I am wearing last years this morning:)
    Congrats on your new job:) What a blessing from the Lord right now.
    I just want to squeeze the Little Flowers you posted, does the little girl have a heart condition?
    Have a great weekend and a great run!

  3. So fun you got to hang with Colleen! I think I like the red best!

  4. The red or the hard to know which one to pick!

  5. RED!

    I've had a couple blogging friend meet ups. It's a wonderful world :)

  6. RED! I've had a couple blogging buddy meet ups. It's a wonderful world, the Catholic blogosphere :)

  7. Katie, this is an awesome post - and I must say that I'm a little jealous of your new "career" at Run Pretty Far!! How FUN!!! If they ever need a midwest rep, call me, girl!! :) I like the red t's, but I'll wear either one proudly!

  8. Yay, you are back running! Good luck :) I like the navy!