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7 Quick Takes

Thanks, Jen, for hosting

1. The next Pope?
I got an email from my hubby this AM with the title "The Next Pope".  It was a forward from a friend of ours that is currently in Rome.  This was the picture attached . . .

Anyone want to guess who this is?? (Disclaimer: This is all in fun!)
2. I need a goal, people, please help me along!
I am floundering right now.  I have no real physical/exercise goals set for myself.  And it is affecting my workouts. I am a bit half-hearted right now. I am in desperate need of a goal.   Here are my limitations:
-I can only run every other day or else I torque my back
- My hamstring is better, but I still cannot do any heavy lifting, so things like Crossfit are OUT
-  I do not want a weight loss goal
I could run a 5K or maybe even a 10K, or try something totally different. 
Any thougths??
3. A book a week
While I cannot seem to set goals for myself in the arena of exercise, I came up with another goal for myself.  I am going to read a book a week.  And I will probably even write a review of each book.  I am excited about this since I seem to have a little problem . . . I love to buy books.  If you were to see all the books on my nightstand in the "I need to read pile," you would be shocked.  I am reading Desperate right now and I really like it.  It is challenging me in a lot of ways.  Here's hoping I work hard to reach this goal.

4. Kids say the darndest things
Sometimes the things that come out of my boys' mouths astound me.  One night at dinner, my 9 year old, said,
"I wish I were an adult already."
When I asked him why, he responded,
"Because, then I could get up at 5AM and read Scripture."

Um, really?  My 9 year old, who I have to drag out of bed wants to get up early and read the Bible?  I was simply amazed that he would even think of that.  So, I told him that, if he wants, he can do that now.  He does not need to wait until he is an adult.  So, we settled on 6AM.  We will see if he will actually get out of bed and do it now or wait until he is an adult ;)

5. MOB Society
I love the Mother of Boys Society and website.  There are some great prayers on there for you to pray for your boys!
6. They do not make them like they used to
I loved this show growing up.  I had read all the books at least twice and I have seen most episodes of Little House on the Prairie about 5 times.  We are currently reading the Little House series to our boys, who LOVE them. So, when I saw the DVDs at the library, I grabbed them.  And, over the last few weeks, we have seen several episodes. And, I just have to say, that they do not make quality TV shows like that anymore.  The shows are filled with great moral lessons.  The Ingalls family is loving toward each other and they make family life a priority.  The value of hard work is clearly conveyed.  It is a great show.  I really wish there were more modern shows like this.

7. Little Flower Cuteness
Because my 7 quick takes would not be complete without it!
Little Qui

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. My favorite growing up was the Waltons, but Little House was close. Really looking forward to the day I can introduce the books to my kids.

    Have no idea who is in the picture, but am excited for the Conclave to begin.

  2. I loved Little House on the Prairie, but my boys think they are "girl" books. Darn it.

    How about a tim goal, like 3 hours of cardio a week or an 8 minute mile?

    1. I thought my boys would think it was too "girly", but they love the indians, etc in the books. Some of the TV shows are a little more girly, but they still like them.

      I could do a time goal. I already do about 3hrs of cardio a week. I could try for an 8 min mile, but that scares me . . . the last time I ran 3 miles with an 8:30 pace I torqued my back! I am a mess . . . or just old!

  3. My boys love the Little House books also (except the last ones where Laura's a married adult - they totally lost interest there!) I've never been a huge fan of the show b/c it departed so much from the books, but I know what you mean about finding shows where the family is intact, loving, helpful! A friend told me about the made-for-tv movie that disney did (2006) - it's just based on the book Little House on the Prairie (not the other books. I think it's well done and the boys like it a lot. (I don't think it's ever occurred to them that the stories are "girly." I think they mostly think of them as wilderness adventures!) I don't know if this link will work, but this is the copy we got:

  4. Theresa-
    My boys were very dissapointed with the first few episodes we watched because they were nothing like the books. They wanted to see the indians, the bear, and Mr Edward's as he was in the book! I had to explain to them that the show was "loosely" based on the books. They do prefer the books to the show!

  5. #3: That's totally me though my brain candy are mostly murder mysteries. I tend to get all mine from the library though because otherwise BN.Com would repossess my son and my cats. (I love my NOOK.)

    #4: Do you have any reading plans for him re: Scripture?

    #6: I read the first one a couple times during my childhood but didn't read the others until I was in my 20's. I'm kind of glad I waited because at the time, we lived fairly close to De Smet, SD so I could picture everything they talked about.

  6. have you heard about this?

  7. We also love the Little House CD's we get them from the library and they are wonderful

  8. My women's Bible Study group is reading Desperate right now. We are so challenged by it and it has opened many doors for us to truly be REAL something I think we as mamas struggle with. Praying for you as you read through it as well!


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