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7 Quick Takes - After the White Smoke Edition

Thanks, Jen, for hosting!!

I have a Pope Francis post coming. If you want the gist of it, read Mary's post  . . . my reactions were somewhat similar to hers.  The only differece is is that I got to watch it when it happened. The short version of my post for here: LOVE him, so excited, he is so peaceful and humble.


I do not get all those who do not like Pope Francis already because he prayed in Italian and not Latin, or because he did not wear the stole.  I do not get it at all, and I find it frustrating.  I wonder if these people would have been offended by St. Francis too . . . . probably!!

If someone does understand it, please explain it to me.


I broke my Lenten fast from Facebook for the last few days.  And I have realized I get most of my news from it.  Other than a priest friend, who is in Rome right now, that sends us links to great articles, etc about Pope Francis, most of the articles I have read have come from links from Facebook.  And I like that . . . . someone else is doing the searching form me!

Bennett needs a family. 

I am breaking away from my Little Flower Picture this week and sharing this little guy.  He is with An Orphan's Wish.  I am shocked that he still does not have a family.  Please spread the word about him.  To find out more information, go here.


This weekend last year,  I ran my second marathon.  I have lots of thoughts and feelings about that and how far away I feel from that accomplishment.  There are days that I feel like I should take the 26.2 sticker off of my car. And, I wonder if I will ever be able to run a marathon again.  I guess there are seasons for everything, but I am sad that I cannot do, right now, what I could do last year.
I love my family.  I love my husband and my kids. TONS.  And I think we have something really good.  I am not sure why family life feels so natural and good for us when so many struggle, but I feel incredibly blessed this week!
OK, I lied.  I am sharing some Little Flower Cuteness.  I am sharing twins, Bo and Tao (again). Can you tell that I love these little guys!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Katie,
    You're a marathoner because you finished a marathon. Two in fact! Nobody can take that away from you. Just because you may not run one again doesn't mean you're not a runner. You still consider yourself a mother even though you're not giving birth everyday, right? I am amazed by your accomplishments, and you should be too!! And that picture of the twins is too stinkin' cute!

    1. Thanks Colleen!
      And, yes, those twins are so cute. I had a dream we adopted them!

  2. I don't get it except haters got to hate.
    DO NOT take the sticker off your car ~ you earned it and I think you are absolutely right that there are seasons in life and who knows what the future holds.

  3. 2- Girlfriend, don't get me started. We need to pray a lot for our new guy, he is going to get a lot of hits from a lot of sides.

    um, you ran a marathon. 'nough said.

    And, I love when you post those pictures. My heart is already feeling pulled, we have a least a few more years until God leads us down that road, but I enjoy the little poking he does now and again to prepare me for whatever journey we will be on (whether fostering or adopting).

    1. Yeah, Mary, we need to pray lots for him. I am astonished by some of the comments I have read concering him . . . are these people for real? My hubby said the ultra conservatives and ultra liberals will NOT like him (of course). I think the name Francis fits him so well. I think he will mix things up A LOT and teach us all about true servanthood, simplicity and humility.

  4. You are my running hero! I just signed up for my first 5K in May :)
    Hoping I can work up to the big runs like you've accomplished!

  5. Oh, I love little Bennett! I've seen him before, and wow, what a cutie. And those twins. Goodness! And I couldn't be happier about Pope Francis! Love reading your quick takes.

  6. I didn't even know about all that fighting and angst toward our Pope until much later in the day when Simcha linked to something on facebook. Unreal! And so stupid. I will never understand it. But I think that people who are angry or frustrated in general will take it out on whoever crosses their path...

    And those babies!! So precious!!!

  7. #2: Wow... you'd think he was standing in, like, Italy or something! Latin might be the language of the Church but Italian was the language of a number of the people there. I've also heard people complaining that he doesn't speak English. I'm not sure whether or not that's true but it also begs the question of why this is a problem. His ministry and entire career was in Buenos Aires and the fact that he's Pope at all is a sign that God has a tremendous sense of humor because Jesuits aren't supposed to aspire to higher positions! I think his papacy is going to irritate a lot of people... in a good way. His manner of doing things has the potential to bring a lot of people back "home" -- I'm Protestant and I'm saying this!

    #5: Yeah, you've completed 2 marathons and are light years ahead of me in terms of being able to do that. That 26.2 sticker needs to stay on your car. You *are* a marathonner.


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