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And they will know we are Christians . . .

by our love . . .

(Now, unfortunately I have that song stuck in my head!)

For me, it started on March 14, the day after Pope Francis' election.  And it has only been heightened by the events surrounding the Supreme Court and the same sex marriage debate.  I have seen more than my share of ugly comments floating around the world wide web over the last few weeks.  There are "Good Catholics" who harshly criticize the Pope for his ugly pectoral cross, his "Low mass", the lack of lace.  I have read how he will destroy the Church (really?).  Then this week I have read way too many hateful comments from people who call those who want marriage to remain between a man and a woman, bigots.  I have read comments, of those trying to protect marriage, that tear down the dignity of people who think marriage should be redefined.

And I find it strangely ironic that this is all happening during Lent and Holy Week.  The time when the ONE who showed us how to love, suffered and d…


It may be Spring, but they waited all Winter for a day like today!

Wordless Wednesday: Our Pope Party that ended in a dance party!

With An Open Heart - A Book Review

This book review was a long time in coming.  I first have to apologize to Lisa Murphy for that!  Lisa, the author, graciously sent me a copy of the book waaaay back in November, right after the Run for the Little Flowers.  But, the review is finally here!

With an Open Heart is a true story about the Murphy family and their adoption journey with Daniel, a precious and amazing boy from China.  I am not going to give you lots of details about the story, because I do not want to ruin it for you (go read the book!), but this story is a story of God's will, faith, and the ability to walk the hard road of faith with so many unknowns.  The Murphy family brought Daniel home in January, 2010, and, due to his heart condition, he went home to his Father in heaven in May of that same year.

I loved this book.  First, it was real.  Lisa is so easy to identify with and her writing style seems almost conversational, so you feel like you are sitting down talking to her and she is telling you her st…

Habemus Papem!

 “We are enclosed in a narcissistic and consumerist prison...The real power is love, that which empowers others, that which arouses action, that which no chain is able to hold back, for even on the Cross or on the death bed one is able to love. One does not need youthful beauty, nor recognition or approval, nor money or prestige. Let love simply bloom… and it is unstoppable.” ~ Pope Francis (Buenos Aires, May 2013)
As I mentioned before, I was so excited about the Conclave.  I watched the Cardinals take their oaths, and I watched as the doors of the Sistine Chapel were closed to begin the Conclave.  I became a "chimney watcher" and made sure I watched anytime smoke was expected. 

So, when Wednesday afternoon rolled around, I began to get the live stream video on the computer all set up.  While setting it up a friend called.  I joked about teaching the smoke stack and how we should see black smoke in about 15 minutes.  I was convinced it would be black, so I was not watching…

7 Quick Takes - After the White Smoke Edition

Thanks, Jen, for hosting!! -1-
I have a Pope Francis post coming. If you want the gist of it, read Mary's post  . . . my reactions were somewhat similar to hers.  The only differece is is that I got to watch it when it happened. The short version of my post for here: LOVE him, so excited, he is so peaceful and humble.

I do not get all those who do not like Pope Francis already because he prayed in Italian and not Latin, or because he did not wear the stole.  I do not get it at all, and I find it frustrating.  I wonder if these people would have been offended by St. Francis too . . . . probably!!

If someone does understand it, please explain it to me.
I broke my Lenten fast from Facebook for the last few days.  And I have realized I get most of my news from it.  Other than a priest friend, who is in Rome right now, that sends us links to great articles, etc about Pope Francis, most of the articles I have read have come from links from Facebook.  And I like that . . . . someone…

A few random thoughts for Tuesday

1.  Waiting to see white - I am giddy excited for the Conclave.  I have been lifting up prayers throughout the day today for the Cardinals and the Conclave.  I will be honest, I am still hoping for a long shot  . . .
 . . .but praying that HIS will be done and that all are docile to the Holy Spirit.  The Cardinals have a heavy task and it is our duty, our privilege to lift them up in prayer.

2. The Conclave -  If you want more information on how the conclave works, watch this video . . . it is GREAT.  I love how it truly highlights that this election is guide by the Holy Spirit and how serious the Cardinals take this task.

And if you want live streaming of the events in Rome, got to Salt and Light TV!

3. Adoption- My thoughts are swimming here and I feel "knee deep" lately.  When the time is right, I will share more.  But for now, I will share with you a wonderful interview, with my "crush" (it just makes me like him more!)

I love his honesty and I truly believe m…

5 things

Over the past two weeks, I have been tagged by Susan @ Sole Searching Mama, Mary @ Let Love Be Sincere and Mary @ Better Than Eden, so I figured it was time to jump on the band wagon and write the post . . the only problem is is that each tagged me in a totally different type of post! So, I combined all three . . . I am giving you one random fact and I am answering 4 questions from the other tags!

1. Something you would not know about me.

OK, I am going to share something I have NEVER shared before.  The only person that knows this story is my husband.  And I have never shared it because I never wanted to be thought of as one of those girls who went to Steubenville to get her "MRS degree" (You Stubenville gals know what I am talking about).

Anyways, months before meeting my husband, I felt God calling me to pray for my future husband.  Mind you, I was prepping for the MCAT to go to medical school . . . getting married anytime soon was NOT in MY plans.  But, I prayed for him a…

WIWS- #2

I am joining the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple again for WIWS!  We are having a BEAUTIFUL day here. The weather is just gorgeous and I cannot wait to finish this post and get outside for a run!  Unlike last week, I did not plan my outfit today nd, 5 minutes before we had to walk out the door, I had to find something quickly that looked decent. So here it is . . .  
Sweater:  Merona from Target
Tank top under sweater: Merona from freecycle!!
Skirt: I have no idea . . . apparently I have had it so long that the tag is GONE!
Boots: Walmart

Most of my wardrobe is black, so you will be seeing lots of black over the upcoming weeks!  I blame it on the fact that I grew up in a house full of Golden Retrievers (my parents raise and show them).   I did not own any black clothes until after I graduated from college because it was hard enough to make lighter colored clothes look golden-hair-less . . . black would have been impossible.  So, since that time I have gone a bit overboard on the blac…

Pope Alarm

I do not have a smart phone and therefore cannot check the web wherever I am, so when someone sent me a link to the Pope Alarm site, I was very excited.  The Pope Alarm will send you a text or email when there is white smoke!!  Go here to check it out!

And, do not forget, the Conclave starts on Tuesday, so offer up lots of prayers and sacrifices for the Cardinals and the Church.

7 Quick Takes

Thanks, Jen, for hosting
1. The next Pope? I got an email from my hubby this AM with the title "The Next Pope".  It was a forward from a friend of ours that is currently in Rome.  This was the picture attached . . .

Anyone want to guess who this is??(Disclaimer: This is all in fun!) 2. I need a goal, people, please help me along! I am floundering right now.  I have no real physical/exercise goals set for myself.  And it is affecting my workouts. I am a bit half-hearted right now. I am in desperate need of a goal.   Here are my limitations:
-I can only run every other day or else I torque my back
- My hamstring is better, but I still cannot do any heavy lifting, so things like Crossfit are OUT
-  I do not want a weight loss goal
I could run a 5K or maybe even a 10K, or try something totally different.  Any thougths?? 3. A book a week While I cannot seem to set goals for myself in the arena of exercise, I came up with another goal for myself.  I am going to read a book a week.  A…

Papal Rap

My hubby's cousin and her daughter wrote a cute rap called the Papal Rap.  I am really trying to spread the word about it, so please take a moment to watch!

What I wore Sunday - My first!!

I decided to join the party!! I am linking up with Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday.  I was excited about this and last night I pulled apart my closet and my drawers to figure out what to wear.  I wanted to be slightly creative and wear something I do not wear all the time, because I usually wear the same thing most Sunday.  Do not worry, I did not make too much of a mess . . . 3/4 of our closet is actually taken up by my husband! So here it is . . . 

First, I am not sure what I am doing with my hands.  I think I am saying, "Please just hurry up and take the photos because we may be late for mass."  Ignore the books strewn on our floor . . . the boys seem to forget we have a book basket to put them in.

For the outfit: The dress- The Limited (I have had this dress for 15 years!) The jacket- Came from TJ MAXX The scarf- AC MOORE (with a 50% off coupon) I have boots on, but you totally cannot see them.  And that is a good thing, because I cannot remember where I got th…

7 Quick takes - The real quick, not quite 7, version

Thanks, Jen, for hosting!
-1- I cried yesterday. A lot.  I cried through the whole TV coverage of Benedict leaving Rome.  I went to adoration.  And cried.  And when the priest, at mass this morning, mentioned the pope and said the word "emeritus," you bet I teared up. 

-2- My kids are praying that Cardinal Dolan becomes the next Pope.

 Is it wrong that I am not discouraging them?

-3- I got to go to the Chris Tomlin Burning Lights Concert last Friday with my SIL.  We were in the "nosebleed" section, but it was an AWESOME concert.  What a great worship experience.

Who would you want to see in concert?
-4- I totally want to join the WIWS link-up, but feel way out of my league.  All you ladies wear such beautiful outfits.  And, I am totally embarrassed to admit that (1) some of my clothes is so old I do not remember where I got it (2) Much of my clothes is hand-me-downs, come from a thrift store or (gasp) freecycle . . . yep, my face is red right now and, finally, (3) …