Monday, February 4, 2013

My "crush" revealed (and the giveaway winner too!)

First, let me say, that I had lots of fun with that post.  I was going to give some clues, but I knew that would make it way too easy.  And I loved reading the guesses!  I was surprised by some; I had no idea that Ryan Gosling and Chris O'Donnell were Catholic!?!?  Mel Gibson . . . um . . . a little crazy for my tastes.  Eduardo Verastegui?  He is Catholic and he is handsome, but I do not know enough else about him personally to have a "crush" on him.

So, my crush:

- Is usually the "good guy" in the movies he is in.  Seriously, if you have seen many of his movies, he plays quality characters with a great deal of depth.

- Once he played the best "guy" to walk this earth.

- He has four brothers and sisters

- He grew up in the state of Washington

- He is married.  And, when researching more about him for this post, I found out one more thing that makes me like him even more . . . . he and his wife adopted a boy and girl from China!!

He is . . .

Jim Caviezel

Thanks for playing along!!

Now for the reveal of the giveaway items . . .

1. Dark Chocolate from Aldi!

2. A $5 gift card to Dunkin Donuts

3. And a Brown Chunky African Bead necklace from Visiting Orphans!

And since you were all such good sports and made this soooooo much fun, I decided to keep all the entries in for the giveaway.  And the winner of the items above is (from . . .

Congrats!! Look for an email from me soon!
And thanks everyone for playing along!


  1. YES!!!!!!!! WHOOO-HOOO!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

  2. He certainly is handsome and I can totally see why you'd have a little crush on him. :)

    Congrats to Maurisa and thanks for the giveaway Katie!

  3. OMG! I love that show and I didn't even realize it was Jim Caviezel!!I feel like a bad catholic. lol. Thanks for educating me!