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7 Quick Takes- The Love Edition

Since I still have nothing of any depth that I want to share today; that retreat is still affecting me deeply and I just want to ponder it all to myself, therefore I felt a just plain fun post was in order.  And because we are now in the month of LOVE, I decided to share about things, products, stores I love.  No depth allowed here!

1. Aldi Love
Do you have Aldi grocery stores near you??  I have been in love with the store since my Steubenville days.  It is cheap, totally no frills and great.  I know people are scared off by the items in stacked in boxes, carts that  you need to insert $.25 to get and the lack of grocery bags and name brand items, but the prices are beautifully low.  And now, they are even carrying ORGANIC items!! Yahoo.  Our grocery bill has gone down even more now that I do not spend lots of money at my favorite organic grocery store right next to Aldis.

2. Chocolate love

I love chocolate.  Good DARK chocolate.  My favorite: 60%-70% cocoa. Throw in almonds or hazelnuts and I am blissfully happy.

3. Love of wine

Why, yes, I love a good glass of wine. Has to be red.  And the drier the Cabernet or Merlot the better.  I can blame my parents for this one!

4. Coffee loves

While my coffee intake is not what it used to be, I have to say that my favorite cup o' Joe comes from one of two places.  . . .  Can you guess which??

And when we travel up to the Buffalo area, no trip is complete without a cup of coffee from Tim Horton's! 

5. Orphan Love
I love companies and ministries that support orphans, and do so creatively.  And I love Visiting Orphans.  They sell really cute items.  They organize mission trips to orphanages.  And they have a great message.

6.  Catholic Christian musician LOVE
Her name is Audrey Assad.  If you do not have any of her music . . . go get some and support this GREAT artist. 

The song "Slow" is a song that has really spoken me over the last year.  Love it.

7. Speaking of love . . .
 . . . well, not really, but have you guessed who my "crush" is yet???  If not, head over here and read the post and guess.  You all seem to think you know who it is!! The surprise giveaway winner and my "crush" will be announced Monday.  And, the giveaway items are all somehow mentioned in this post  . . . so go enter and have a great weekend filled with HOPE and LOVE!

Any LOVES you want to share about???


  1. ok. here's the thing. I don't find shopping at aldi a pleasurable experience due to the aesthetics of the place. But, the husband nsiste on it and I must say, we save SO MUCH FREAKING MONEY! Last year, we had a full Thanksgiving meal, serving 15 people for $35!
    As you know, pregnancy is tough for me, the worst part? No drinking coffee. I do not know how I am surviving. And, although I know I CAN drink it, it makes me so darn sick that I don't want to drink it. Sadness for sure.

    1. Mary-
      I used to think Aldi's was dirty and gross and I just felt so poor when I went there. Maybe it was because I used to have to travel to a poorer neighborhood to shop there before one opened up in our town, oy maybe I just have issues. Anyways, now I just love it. I get food cheaply and I no longer have to "ad shop" . . . spending way too much time comparing sales. It has become my one stop shop.

      And, hey lady, but did I miss an announcement???? Your coffee comment may be more leading that intended!?!

  2. Great list ~ especially #4 ~ haven't had Tim Horton since my honeymoon but my MIL thinks one is opening by her. The local Dunkin sees me at least twice a week.

  3. Dry red wine is my favorite, too! Plus I don't feel too bad drinking a glass now and again, cuz it's healthy in a sense :)

  4. Oh you're killin' me! I am so impatient. :)

    I love dark chocolate with some type of nuts.

    I also am a dry wine lover and coffee. I call these "bookends" as in they bookend the day. :)

    Fun post & I'm going to think more about "Love" this month!

  5. I love, love, love Aldi! Aesthetics of the place never bothered me as I don't care for frills (one of the many reasons places like Wegmans don't appeal to me), but low prices do! I been familiar with Aldi for a while now since there was one in my hometown growing up. I was so happy when they opened one in Bowie!

  6. Oh, how I miss a good cup of Tim Horton's coffee and some donut holes!! One of the perks of going to Stubie-U! I also am a HUGE fan of A.A. - she's just plain amazing. They boys like to listen to her too!


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