Monday, January 21, 2013

Standing in the Gap

Warning:  "Soap Box Post" that is a little disjointed ahead.

I keep fairly silent on topics of current events, politics, etc.  It is not that I do not care or do not have an opinion.  Actually, it is the opposite.  I get very worked up when it comes to what is going on in our world, our nation.  We all know that things are not good.  Abortion has been legal for 40 years now.  Our Nation is drowning is debt, as so are many American families.  The family unit is breaking down, eroded by divorce and changes in the definition of marriage.  The Catholic Church is under attack by the government through the HHS Mandate.  I could go on . . .

For the last several years, I have just prayed.  Sure, we have helped out at polling sites during voting, and signed petitions,  or sent letters to our representatives.  But ,when I honestly look at what we have done, we have done the minimal.  We, as a family, have not really worked hard to have our voice heard.

After the Presidential election, I think it hit me even more.  I stepped up my prayers.  Mainly, for my children.  I want my boys to be able to have the, relatively, carefree, peaceful life I have had.  Yet, I know, if things do not change, they will be under attack, persecuted even, for their beliefs and live in a Nation that is not free and as prosperous as it once was.  My children will be saddled with the mistakes of my generation.  And I do not want that.

The other night, I was sharing with my husband how I really feel it is essential to pray for our president and our nation's leaders. I am not talking about a quick little prayer murmured while I am folding the laundry. I am talking about "standing in the gap" type of prayer.  On hands and knees type of prayer. To pray for changes of heart and conversions.  As the conversation went on, I was struck by this sense that if I do not pray, then who?  If I do not stand up, then who?  Aren't, we, as Christians, called to this?

It is so easy to get caught up in everyday life.  And, I have given myself the excuse, "I am busy.", "I am trying to raise my boys so they are good and holy and make a difference."  "Isn't it enough that I am a good mom and make a difference in their lives?"

As those questions ran through my head, I vaguely remembered passages from C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters.  The trap of Satan . . .  to get good people, Christians, so busy with life.  Shuffling kids to school, to cub scouts, to sports practices, going to meetings, watching the newest show on TV, that they do not pray, do not enter the public circle more.

I had to answer this question for myself, "Are my kids better off with me spending an hour to take them to their desired sport, or to spend an hour to pray for them, our nation and their future?"

The answer hit me hard.  Pray, Katie.  Your prayers will make more of a difference to their future than if you trek them to all kinds of activities. (This does not mean that I stop all their activities, but I feel there needs to be more balance, more moderation.)

Yet, this post is not just about prayer.  More and more I am convicted that I need to do MORE.  While I am not sure what that looks look like (I do not think I will go out and run for office), but I know that as a Christian, God is calling me to more.  I am convicted that we need this now.  Our Nation needs, every good Christian to stand up, stand in the gap and make a difference.

Our country needs more Christians who are willing to stand in the gap and fight the good fight.  Our kids need it too.


  1. You know what I find? and this is frustrating, because, like you, I get really worked up. BUT, I think one of the ways evil works on me, is I think it is just too messed up to do anything anything about. I almost get frozen in my overwhelming awareness of how screwed up things are! It's not good, thanks for the reminder to pray!

    1. Mary, I am usually the same way. But, I am finally at the point that if I do not have Hope that things can change, conversions can happen, then how poor is my faith in our GOD that can move mountains? I was even reminded of it at Mass yesterday when the priest preached about Life and Our Lady of Guadalupe. God can truly make miracles happen, convert whole cultures . . . He does not need us to pray for it for HIM to do it, but I am so convicted that we HAVE to.

  2. Amen Katie...I feel the same way...I am trying to follow the Bishops advice. (

    And so The Cardinal Newman Society is urging all its members — and all the faithful — to respond generously to the bishops’ call to:

    1. Pray the Rosary daily for life, marriage and religious liberty.

    2. Abstain from meat and fast on all Fridays.

    3. Take part in a special monthly Holy Hour at parishes or cathedrals.

    4. Participate in another Fortnight for Freedom in June and July.

    The bishops have urged Catholics to be strong and do these things from the Feast of the Holy Family on Sunday, December 30th, until the Feast of Christ the King on November 24th, 2013.

    You should see my kids on would think this is really hard but it is not at all. I am also trying to up my daily mass. So looking forward to LENT so I can really get my spiritual life back in order.

  3. Well said Katie. Your faith inspires me. Thank you. I need to do more and you are so right about the Trap of Satan, this is what gets me. I'm so busy with work and family 'needs' it's hard to find time to do anything let alone time to pray. I am reading Rediscovering Catholicism, well I bought it and read the first chapter. I can do more, thanks for posting.