Friday, January 11, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: What kind of mom are you?

I was recently driving somewhere and was stopped behind a car that had a "Soccer Mom" decal on the back.  I looked at it and thought, "I will never be a soccer mom."  I have NO desire to trek my kids from practice to practice and soccer field to soccer field.  I cannot sit on the sidelines for hours, watching my kids kick around a ball.  That is just not me.  I do not begrudge moms that do that.  I think each family is different and each family is called to move in different ways.

But, that "Soccer Mom" sticker, got me thinking . . . . what decals would I proudly display on my car??  What kind of mom am I?  So this week, I am using my 7 Quick takes to share them with you!

1. Catholic Mom
My faith is the most important thing to me.  It shapes the person I am and the Mom I am.  It affects every area of my life and I am proud to say I am a Catholic Mom.

2. Boy Mom
I am a Boy Mom and I take pride in that.  I love that I have all boys.  I love their loudness, craziness and all around fun"ness" (most of the time).  Boys are special and, although I get looks and comments of pity from strangers because I do not have a girl, I feel especially blessed that God has given me all boys.

3. Homeschooling Mom
This is the first year I would proclaim that I am a Homeschool  Mom. Simply because, I feel like I am finally getting it down.  We are in a groove now!

4. Swim Mom??

Not sure I can totally claim this one, really.  I have friends that are at the pool 5 days a week with their kids.  I will settle for the two days a week and the boys loving it.  They even want to do a kids' triathlon this summer!

5. Scout Mom

This one should have been higher up on the list.  I think we are officially a scouting family.  I have one in Webelos, one in Tigers and one who cannot wait to be in scouts too!

And, probably because I am a boy mom and will have boys in Cub Scouts for YEARS, the Scout Master suckered me in thought I would be a great person to serve on the Leadership Committee.  So, I guess I really am a Scout Mom.

6. Running Mom

Is there a need for me to say anything else here?

7. Marathon Mom

I think there is something amazing about anyone who can train long and hard for 26.2.  But, I think Moms who do it are even more special.  It takes a special dedication to both running  and family, a generous and understanding husband, and kids who are willing to wake up early to cheer mom on on that special day.  It really takes a family effort for a Mom to become a Marathon Mom and I feel blessed to have such a great family that was with me on the journey.

So, what kind of mom are you??


  1. I love that mom + running = sanity sticker! So great! I think I'm a "barely hanging on" sort of mom this week :)

  2. I gotta tell you lady, if Aaron and I are blessed to have nothin' more than boys, I would be A-OK with that. There is something neat about being a mom with boys.
    Totally agree with you on number 7. As I told Colleen at Martin Family Moments, I ran 1/10 of a mile this week every day at the gym ( I am doing a 5k in the fall, and my plan is to add 1/10 of a mile every week for the next 30 weeks! lol) and almost died. I cannot imagine a marathon. You rock

  3. This was a great idea for a post! I enjoyed learning more about you. I think you are an awesome mom.

  4. We do wear so many hats, don't we??!! I would have to add "Warrior Mom" to the list - because it is a battle to raise holy,happy little gentlemen in todays backwards culture.

  5. We wear so many different hats, don't we?? I would have to add "Warrior Mom" to the list, because every day we battle the culture, striving to raise holy, happy little gentlemen in an upside down world.

  6. Where is a CRAZY MOM sticker...that one is for me! great post Katie!

  7. i was surprised that "running mom" was so low on the list. ;) you are an awesome mom for doing races with your kids.