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7 Quick Takes

1. The storm that wasn't

So all the talk around the DC area was the "big storm" we would get yesterday.   Yes, we were supposed to get a major snow storm about 1" of snow.  And we did not even get a flake.  I really wanted to it snow.  And snow lots.  This Buffalo girl needs some white!!

2.  No neighbors

Our neighbors on our right have moved to Florida and are prepping their house for rental.  The neighbors on our left have put their house on the market and are moving to Houston.  I am really praying hard we get an amazing, catholic, homeschooling family to move in next to us.  Anyone want to move to the metro DC area??  I know of a good place!

3.  Running

I am on a hot streak!!  I have had about 8 runs now with no IT Band troubles at all!!  I am still taking it slow and I only run every other day, but this is such a big breakthrough.  I am so happy.  I am continuing to do my PT exercises and Yoga and I have totally laid off of all intense lower body workouts that may stress out my hamstring.  My SI joint is still giving me issues, but overall I will take that over the total breakdown I was having before.

4.  Leaving on a Jet Plane

Next week at this time I will be on a plane to Georgia.  I have not shared or spoken much about this, but I am going on a retreat called Created for Care.  The retreat is for adoptive moms, those looking to adopt or those with a heart for orphans.  Maybe when I share about the retreat, I will share why both my hubby and I felt God was calling me to go,but for now I will just share that I am so excited to go and cannot wait for next weekend.  And as an added bonus, I get to see an old friend from Steubenville!

5. Look how "My boys" have grown
Ok, they are not my boys, but if God wanted to perform a major miracle so that we could adopt these guys, I would not mind! (These little guys are with Little Flower Projects)

June 2012
January 2013 
6. Am I the only one . . .

 that does NOT watch Downton Abbey?

Clearly, the answer is YES!
7. My current motto . . .

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. I will be praying for you on your retreat. And, I know you know this, but you simply MUST start watching downton abby. That is all.

  2. Oh my gosh those boys are so cute - and I would love to hear more about your adoption/retreat story!

  3. I have a heart for orphans too. My dad was one. Maybe that's why. And also because I cannot even believe how blessed I am. 6 healthy beautiful children? I have yet to find how to be helpful to orphans, but I'm looking for 'my sign' 'my place'.

  4. Oh my goodness - we definitely have to talk after the retreat!! I'm very excited for you, and I love, love love that you are running, and your quote is perfect too!! :)

  5. So glad you are able to run again!
    Have a wonderful retreat, excited to hear all about it.

  6. #5: Your boys look great!

    #6: I think I saw part of the first episode but that's been it. I'm more of a forensics junkie.

  7. It was 65 degrees here?! I'm missing the Maryland crisp weather. But it doesn't look like I'll be seeing any snow...ever. That's so good to hear about the running. As someone who is getting back into working out, I am praaaaaying that no injuries stand in my way. I love getting a good workout in!!

    I can't wait to hear about your retreat. I saw a 20/20 special when I was 19 and have always wanted to adopt. I put it in God's hands and if it ever happens for me, I'll welcome it. Those boys are so PRECIOUS!!! The CHEEKS!!!!


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