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Those who do not know history . . .

 . . . you know the rest of that statement.

But, I seriously think our family will be OK.  WE love history and are blessed to live in a very, history rich area. 
At Little Round Top

My oldest is studying the Civil War right now.  When I was a kid, I LOVED learning about the Civil War and I dreamed of living in an Old Plantation style farm house in the countryside of Virgina someday.  My favorite movie was Gone with the Wind. So, I wanted to encourage my son in his fascination with the Civil War.  We have been watching the Ken Burn's series on the Civil War.  If you have not seen it, get it from your library.  It is incredible.
Seminary Ridge. The site where the Confederate troops were Day 2 and 3.

So, since the Friday after Thanksgiving was a beautiful day here, we decided to go to Gettysburg.  We had a great day there.  Once there, we bought a 90 min driving tour CD.  And headed along the battle trail.  It was fascinating and very sad all at the same time.  As we stood on Little Round Top or on the wall that the Union was behind the day of Pickett's Charge, I could not help but be sad about the fact that THOUSANDS of men died where we were standing.  Even my oldest son said, "Mom, I used to think going into battle would be cool.  I do not think that anymore."
View of Devil's Den  from Little Round Top.

But, even with that thought in our minds, we had a beautiful day there.  The weather was perfect, Gettysburg is beautiful, and there is something special about walking where so many great men (on both sides) fought for their rights, or the right to preserve the Union or to free slaves.  There were so many different reasons men fought in that war  . . .

We saw the ground near the seminary where the first day of battle occurred . . .

We drove where the Confederate troops were encamped . . .


We walked up Big Round Top . . .


And toured Little Round Top . . .
We saw Culp's Hill . . .

We saw reminders that these grounds were the site of a great battle . . .

And we stood where the Union lines held back Pickett's Charge . . .
Fr Corby, chaplain, gives conditional absolution to a whole infantry before battle.


By the time we had finished the tour is was DARK and time to head home.  The boys begged us to come back again.  I am sure we will . . .


  1. Katie - awesome pictures and your boys are gonna be so smart!!

  2. Sounds like a great day! Really need to go there someday, have been to Valley Forge many times but not yet Gettysburg.

  3. I am so very jealous of the area you are in. My brother lives in Strafford (I think) VA near all this history as well. I cannot imagine the joy to be able to easily drive to all these amazing places. So fantastic

  4. Friends of mine who attend the seminary in Gettysburg have told me that it is haunted.

  5. Love your son's recognition what battle is "not cool". Recent "Lincoln" movie makes the same point. Wonderful family pictures!


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