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7 Quick Takes

Thanks, Jen, for hosting!

1. My hubby has been gone for work for a week now. He is in Rome. At the Vatican. This is a view from the roof of where he is staying.  He took this picture so I could see where he goes to pray. 

Did I mention he will be gone for 3 1/2 weeks?

Oh, and this guy shows up at the same meetings my hubby is at . . .

This is a view from where my hubby sits during the meetings.

There is the Pope again in the front.

Yes, I am a little jealous!  I have never been to Rome.  But, I am so happy and excited for my husband! What an amazing experience!  He has been to mass at the Vatican twice now. Once in the FIRST ROW and once for the start of the Year of Faith and the 50th anniversary of Vatican II.

2. It is a good thing he is not around.
He would have no where to sit!
The shirts for the Run for the Little Flowers have taken over our couch!

3. Wine-less
And since my hubby is gone, I could really use a glass of red wine some nights to unwind.  But we have NO WINE in the house.  Wine is not sold in grocery stores in our state.  And I will not go into a liquor store with three young kids tagging along, that would just make me look really bad. So if you are in the area and want to donate a bottle of wine to a good cause, you can drop it off on my porch!

4. Mechanical Malfunction

Physical Therapy has been going really well. So well, in fact, that my PT told me I should try to run.  And Saturday was the day!  He said he only wanted me try tory to run on a treadmill, and I was fine with that because I had not gotten to see any episodes of Castle!  And, the treadmill is my favorite place to watch it. 

I hopped on the 'mill and walked a 1/2 mile to warm up.  Then I ran 1 mile (which was all the PT told me I should try). And the mile was not bad.  My hamstring started to get tight toward the end, but it was not horrible.  So I decided to push it.  If I could run 1 mile, why not try 2?  Well, obviously my body did not get the memo that 2 miles should be a piece of cake for someone who has run 2 marathons. At 1.8 miles, my IT band had had enough and I started to get knee pain.  I stopped immediately.  The next day my leg was SORE.  I went to the PT this week and based on my run, and the fact that my hips were out of alignment again, it may be MONTHS before I can run, really run again.  I am beginning to feel broken

5. Big Hearts
I shared this on Facebook, but I want to remember it, so I am sharing it here too.  This is a conversation my kids were having the other day.

6 yr old to 9 yr old brother: "Would you rather get all the legos in the world or an orphan?"

9 yr old brother: "An orphan."

6 yr old: "Yeah, me too."

6. The run is in a week!!  I am like a kid waiting for Christmas!  I will be spending every spare moment packaging up shirts and medals and shipping them out.  The only downside . . . . I cannot run my own run!

7. "Little Flower" cuteness!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Oh my goodness, your boys are adorable! My kids are always asking for a new baby too. You've put so much time and effort into this run Katie, I'm really proud of you and wish I could bring you a big box of wine!!!

  2. Your boys are so cute! I shared that picture of little Jing on my Facebook because she reminded me of my daughter (her Chinese name was Jing and she was also born cleft-affected) and my sister said she wanted to adopt her. I thought she was kidding but she is about 80% serious. Do you know if she's listed anywhere?

  3. I thought you lived in Virginia...we have wine in our grocery stores here. It's wonderful. Not that I get to enjoy it much these days though...
    I remember the perils of going into a liqueur store with young kids. After you have purchased the goods, how do you carry it out with a baby in your arms? I've run into this dilemma more than once when we lived in MD. I wish I lived closer to you- I could drop off! Courtesy of Costco and large grocery carts of course.

    That's so amazing your husband is in Rome and sitting in on the same meetings with the Pope! Wow! I bet he is very thankful for all the hard work he put into his studies to get a Doctorate! Way to go! My husband is working on his masters, but no where near finishing. It is a lot of work when you can't devote all your time and energy like the good ole college days.

  4. Katie - I love this!! I've been trying to read each and every one of your posts. They are inspiring!


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