Thursday, September 20, 2012

Run for the Little Flowers Updates

I am at a point where I feel I need a post to give some further information about the Run for the Little Flowers Virtual 5K fundraiser.  Hopefully, this will get everyone up to date on where we are at since not everyone is on the Run for the Little Flowers facebook page.

Just a few things:

1. My goal is to have 147 people run/walk/donate for this race.  I want 1 runner for every 1 MILLION Orphans around the world.  This, conveniently, will get us to the fundraising goal of covering a nanny's salary for 6 months!

I have not counted this week, but we are still about 90 away from 147.  So, please, please, if you have not registered, please do so.  And, share with your friends, get a group going, etc.

If you are NOT registered, do so before this Saturday morning because I am giving away one of these fun decals from One More Mile to two lucky donors/runners/walkers (winner's choice).

2. Please consider running for a specific child. Little Flower Projects has a great Facebook page here where you can see photos of the little ones they care for. Consider choosing one orphan from their page and dedicate your run to that little one.  If you do so, share it on our run's Facebook page. These guys are already taken ;)

3. If you have registered, you should have gotten a "Thank You for donating to the Run for the Little Flowers 5K" email.  I only send these out once a week, but you should get one within a week of registering.  If you have NOT gotten one from me and registered over a week ago, please leave a comment on this post or email me to make sure you are all set.

4. Look for an email containing your race "bib". This will be sent out at the beginning of October!

5. The medals for the run are ordered!!  It is option B!  Once I get the real thing in my hand, I will post a picture.  The first 150 to register will get one.

6. T-shirts are getting designed as I type.  Hopefully, I will get to share the proof with you soon. 

**Update** Here is the shirt!!

NOTE: YOU MUST BE REGISTERED BY SEPTEMBER 30th to be guarantee a shirt.  I want the most money possible to go to Little Flower Projects, so I will not waste money by ordering lots of extra shirts when that money can go to orphans instead.  If, for some reason, you cannot register by then, then email me and I will "pre-order" your shirt. But,  you can register all the way up to October 20th.

7. Local Meet-up
If you are local to me, we are having a local meet up to run/walk the 5k.  It will be at Allen Pond Park at 8AM.  Refreshments will be offered after the run. If you are coming to the run, you will get your t-shirt and medal at that time.

8. Do not forget about the giveaway that is going on.  All registrants/donors are entered.  But, there are lots of ways to enter, so check out the post here!

That is it!!  Please feel free to comment below or email me if you have questions.  I will reply to all comments within the comment section. Thanks for all your prayers and support.

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