Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yonanas and a yummy protein chocolate peanut butter ice cream

I have to admit, I have a sweet tooth.  A big sweet tooth.  I blame it on genetics.  My dad loves sweets and I think my grandmother, his mother, subsisted only on foods that contained sugar.  But, when you are working on eating healthy and bringing the whole family along with you, things like ice cream, cookies and cakes have to replaced by something better.

So, when Lena from JOYfilled family posted about the Yonanas she got, I wanted to try it!  Yonanas makes "ice cream" from frozen bananas.  I have heard of making "ice cream" this way before and I have tried it in our blended, but it usually came out quite liquidy.  So, when we got a gift card for Amazon, I knew exactly what I wanted to buy.

I have used the Yonanas several times and I love it!!  The consistency of the "ice cream" is very smooth, light and creamy.  My 4 year old, who is a very picky eater, loves his new "ice cream."  Now, my older boys could not be fooled . . . they immediately complained that it tasted like bananas.  But, they did eat every last spoonful in their bowls.

So, I have been playing around with this treat for myself.  And created Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream. Yummy!!

This is what I did:

- I followed the instructions from Yonanas.  I used 4 frozen bananas.
- Once done I mixed in:
        * 1 scoop chocolate protein powder ( I used Jay Robb's Whey Protein Powder . . . my husband's favorite)
         * 1 scoop Bell Plantation PB2 with Chocolate

This mixture is very yummy! 

Then I put it all in an air tight container to have on hand for when my sweet tooth needs to be satisfied!


  1. I don't know any runner who doesn't love peanut butter and nanners!! Can't wait to try this one - thanks for sharing!!

  2. Yummy goodness! I just made this, thanks for sharing!!! :)