Thursday, August 30, 2012

This means war

It seems our house has been hit by the plague . . . of crickets.  They are everywhere. In the kitchen. In the bathroom.  And they LOVE our laundry room.  One can see about 5 of these bugs in the laundry room each time it is entered.

And they especially love trying to keep me up at night by "singing" all night long.  I am tired of it.  And I am just plain tired because they keep me up!

So we have proclaimed war on these little insects.  No St. Francis mentality here.  I want them deadReally dead. Just to make sure they cannot keep me up anymore.  And although they can be elusive, we have won many battles.  Shoes have been thrown. Some miss. Some hit the target dead on. 

Our family: 4

Cricket: 0

Let's just hope we win the war!

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