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Run for the Little Flowers Virtual Run Giveaway items!!

Please note: This post can ALWAYS be found on the tab bar above!

Here is the post you have all been waiting for!! 

We have had some GREAT companies offer to be sponsors for this fundraiser and I feel so blessed by their generosity!

So far, the giveaway items include:

1. A Super Cute Tech-Tee Shirt from Bia Won by Londa!
Winner picks size. Color may vary.

2. 147 Million Orphans. Pick Me V neck tee, size small.
3. 147 Million Orphans Around the World tee. Unisex Large. Won by April B.!


4. 147 Million Orphans Silicone Cuff (2)

5. 147 Million Orphans Youth Tote
6.  20$ Gift Certificate from Tough Chick performance and casual clothing Won by Audrey W.!
Just one of the cute shirts you could get with the gift certificate!!
7. A handmade, one of a kind rosary from the Clay Rosary Girl won by Laura D!
Specific rosary yet to be determined,
8. Aspaeris Pivot Shorts Compression Shorts Won by Monica D.!
These are amazing!!
Winner chooses color and size.

9. Runningskirts Run Love Compression Socks (in purple)-donated by me! Won by Emily R!
10. Hail Marys aren't just for football tech tee from Mamas Moving with Mary(winner chooses size).
Won by Christine W.!

11.  $40 Gift Card to Running Warhouse donated by Sole Searching Mama! Won by Tiffany B.!

12.  A bunch of tech-tees from Zooma!  already give out randomly
More items will be added as I hear from other sponsors!

How the giveaway works:

1. You have to be registered for the Run for the Little Flowers Virtual Run to be eligible for the giveaway.

2. Like the Run for the Little Flowers Virtual Run facebook page. Leave a comment on this post telling me you did so.

3. Spread the word on facebook, twitter, your blog, or email and receive extra entries (must include a link to the Virtual Run post here). Leave a comment on THIS post if you do this. Can be done daily!

You can tweet this:
Check out Run for Little Flowers Virtual 5K to benefit orphans in China.

4. Get a group together!  If organize a group in your area to run together, and let me know by posting to the Run for the Little Flowers facebook page, then you will get an extra entry in the giveaway.

5. Once the run is over, post a picture of you before, after, or during your run on the run's facebook page and receive an extra entry!

The giveaway will end on October 20, 2012 at midnight.  I will contact the winners in the order they were chosen and given the choice of which item they would like.

Since the info is being pulled from many sources, I will be keeping track of entries via spreadsheet. (Raflecopter is so easy, but just does not fit this purpose!)

Please remember, the only entries you need to log on this post are #2 and #3!


  1. I will register soon, but I already spread the word on FB today!

  2. Oh, and I "liked" the Virtual Run on Facebook. I am so excited about this!

  3. I "liked" the Virtual Run on Facebook and will email you about registering.

  4. Hi! I am registered even have my shirt already :) I "liked" the run and posted on both FB and twitter :)

  5. Katie, this is so beautiful! I am finally registered :) Thank you for all the reminders, it kept it fresh in my mind :)

    I am also a fan of the FB page. Hopefully, if life isn't too interesting around here, I'll get around to posting a link for you on my blog this week. At the very least I'll get it up by this weekend.

    God Bless your endeavors!

  6. I am a fan of the FB page! So excited to help this great cause!

  7. I also spread the word on my blog about the run. I hope you get lots and lots of interest!

  8. I think I've talked my kids into joining me on the run too :)

    I blogged about this today. I'm so hoping you surpass your goal!

  9. I shared on FB today - hoping you get lots of people!

  10. Just registered and I like the facebook page! :)

  11. Registered and liked the facebook page!

  12. This is an incredible giveaway!! Keep up the great work - I know you will reach your goal number!!

  13. -Registered for the run!
    - 'Liked' the page
    - Posted/shared about this virtual run on a FB group I am in
    - tweeted about the run too!

  14. -Registered for the run!
    - 'Liked' the page
    - Posted/shared about this virtual run on a FB group I am in
    - tweeted about the run too!

  15. - registered for the run!
    - 'liked' the page
    - shared/posted about the run on a FB running group
    - tweeted about this run too! (@ct7580)

  16. I liked your facebook page and tweeted about the run (JZkowski)

  17. Blogged about it:

  18. Liked the page, posted on facebook and on twitter.

  19. I registered today and liked the facebook page!

  20. I registered today and liked the fb page.

  21. I registered earlier and liked the FB page. I am excited about this fundrasier! Oh yeah I also shared on FB!

  22. Hello! Excited to be running on October 20th with you all!
    I liked your Facebook page AND spread the word by sharing on Facebook.

  23. Hello! Excited to be running with you all on Oct. 20th!! I liked the Facebook page and shared on Facebook today.

    Lori Cohen

  24. Hi! I registered today and already "liked" the FB page! I'm so excited about this fundraiser, those children have stolen my heart! Oh, also, I just shared on FB. =)

  25. I am sharing on my blog 9/28 and I just shared on my Facebook feed. This is amazing!

  26. I just posted this on my fb feed.


  27. I posted it on my fb feed.


  28. Registered for the run and liked on Facebook. Can't wait!

  29. I liked Little Flowers on FB and I'm registered and ready to go.

  30. We (my children) have registered - Chase and Stuart Loran, I have posted it in my running group for North Texas Runners on facebook, and liked the facebook page. I also just tweeted it out. That week the homeschool running group that I run will be doing the 5K. So far, I know of 7 kids from our group that will be running! We are so excited!

  31. I posted on FB today. So excited that we are that close to the 147 goal!

  32. We recruited friends to run with our family, we are excited to help out!
    I also posted about the 5K on my blog.

  33. I've registered for the race and liked the FB page. I'm excited for the race and look forward to a great day!

  34. I blogged about the run and posted pictures on the facebook page!



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