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Weight loss challenge challenges, going back to what works, and where have my running shoes gone?

Weight loss challenge.

I am on week 4 of Run With Jess' Lose a Half Marathon Challenge and, as of today I have lost 0, yes that is a zero, pounds.  Over the last few weeks my weight has fluctuated here and there (up a little on vacation, but right back to my starting weight one day after being home and fully hydrating), but overall it has stayed consistently at where I was this AM.  Which means, something has not been working.

I had totally revamped my diet.  Not only have I continued to stay away from wheat products (95% of the time), but I have also eliminated all grains, starches such as potatoes, and legumes.  And, I think it has been too much for my body.  I have needed some more carbs back in my diet.  Most days, I was left feeling hungry ALL THE TIME.  And as a personal trainer and someone who has studied this stuff, I know that when you are physically active, you need the calories and a good,balanced diet. Simply, I do not think I have been eating enough to allow my metabolism to work at a faster rate.  I counted my calories, loosely over a few days to see if this were true, and sure enough, I have been eating about 400 calories less than what my resting metabolic rate would require (I have had my RMR tested a while ago).  And, since I do not just sit on the couch all day, I am burning way more calories than I am eating.  You would think that is a good thing, right?  But it is not.  After a little, your body adjusts and SLOWS down your metabolism to conserve energy and fat.

So, I have decided to go back to what I know works for me.  And that is the Body for Life/ Eating for Life eating plan.  Instead of regular meals and 2 snacks, I am eating 5-6 similar sized "meals" a day with a good balance of proteins and carbs.  Although I am still not eating wheat, I have added potatoes, legumes and limited grains back and I feel so much better.  I am hoping that is will reflect on the scale too.

And I am weight training more again.  I am weight training more heavily, 3 days a week, instead of 2 days (and they were light as it is).

Step away from the scale

And I am stepping away from the scale.  I have been weighing myself every single morning for the past few weeks.  And it is frustrating.  I know better.  If I had a client who told me that he/she was weighing himself/herself everyday, I would tell that client to stop. Weight fluctuates from day to day.  When you build muscle, you may actually gain weight.  Better indicators are; how your clothes fit, how you feel, and % body fat.  As of this week, I am no longer weighing myself every day.  I have taken "before" pictures and will track my progress every two weeks via photos.  I will weigh in once a week, but that is it.  And, I am no longer focusing on a number on the scale as my goal.  My goal now, is simply gain more muscle and reduce my % body fat.

Is that dust on my running shoes??

I am not running.  And I am not sure when I will get to return to running.  While on vacation, I was so excited to run to the beach.  The first day we were there, I laced up my sneakers and hoped that my IT band would cooperate.  Well, I did make it the 2 miles to the beach, but the 2 miles back were painful.  That run was two weeks ago and I have not attempted running since.  I am not even sure I will try to run again until the fall.  I am headed to a special massage therapist to, hopefully, make my IT band happy.  I am focusing on hip and core strength training.  And, in a month, I may lace up again.  But until then, my running shoes will just have to remain in their spot under the bed.

Some days I inspire myself

This does not happen often.  But yesterday, I was reminded how far I have come and how hard I have worked over the past few years.  I was looking through my old Body for Life Journal from 3 years ago.  I wanted to check out my meal plans then and what I was eating most days.  As I thumbed through, I noticed something I wrote under my daily workout log.  

"Walked about 2 miles today . . . felt great.  I am planning to start running next week.  I think I would really like to run a marathon someday."

It was dated May 17, 2009.  Little did I know that a little over three years later I would have run not just one, but two marathons, and six half marathons.  It reminded me that there are times that I may feel so far from my goals, and am really far from achieving my goals, but I need to keep at it.  That I can reach those goals that seem so unattainable.  With, time and work, I can cross that "finish line!"


  1. This is so motivational to me! I am almost 29 weeks pregnant and have hit the heaviest weight I've ever been. It's definitely playing mind games with me and while I'm not going to go crazy the last 10 weeks (other than watching my chocolate cravings!), I am already trying to make a plan for myself post-partum.

    This post is so helpful to me because I know this is how I want to view my weightloss: concentrate on body fat and overall health, not just that number on the scale. And I want to push myself too: I have always said that I'd like to run a race of any kind. Maybe next year is my year to stop talking and start doing? :)

  2. Katie, I am right there with you - not running in a while due to a sore knee, just elliptical for cardio, and not losing any weight and trying to eat very healthy about 90% of each day. By dinner time I have only eaten about 500 calories and then I eat a big dinner to make up for it which I know is not doing what's right for my body. The ABS Diet book suggests eating 5 small meals a day, each one being made up of a protein and healthy carb, and I think I might have to try it to get my metabolism going again.

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