Thursday, July 19, 2012

Long overdue vacation memories

I will not share too many words here.  But want to post some of our vacation photos before I forget we even went!

Writing from a monument on Lexington Green

While on vacation in Cape Cod, my husband's aunt, who lived the Boston area, passed away.  So while we were up there, J wanted to see Lexington green.  It was a nice little trip, although there was not tons to see there.  The green is situated between several very busy roads.  Some of the homes surrounding the green were there during the battle.  There were a few monuments.  But, it was special to know that we were walking on ground where the battle of our nation's freedom began.

The boys with one of their cousins

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  1. How fun, and I'm jealous that you got them all to look at the camera with pleasant faces!