Monday, June 11, 2012

Park Quest: Wye Island

Last weekend, our family went on a few more Quests.  So far, my favorite has been Wye Island.  Wye Island is on the Eastern Shore in Maryland.  It is an Old Growth Forest. Basically, there are lots of old, tall trees. It was really beautiful.  The Quest itself was simple.  You had to go to one of the information boards in the park, read the information on the board and fill out a cross word puzzle.  But, if you were not so adventuresome, and looked closely enough, you would notice that the park had a completed cross word puzzle on the board, along with the secret word you were supposed to find.  Once my kids saw that, they implored me to stop reading and just copy the answers so we could hike.
At the start of the trail.  Fueling up with Oreos!
The fuel worked!!

This Quest took us on a trail through part of the old growth forest.  The path was beautiful. And, as with all parks we have been to, it was loaded with ticks!  Yuck!  Yet, even with those little pests, we enjoyed the hike through the woods. 

250 year old Holly Tree
The Quest then took us to an 250 year old Holly tree where we had to get a rubbing for our passport book.  After that, we were done with the quest, but decided to explore the park a bit more.  We were on an island and the boys had yet to really see much water, so we found a 1 mile trail that took you to a "little beach" along the water.  This path was so pretty.  The color was indescribable and I do not think the camera truly captured its beauty.  We enjoyed the walk and the boys had fun swinging from vines.  Once we could see that we were getting closer to the water, the boys started to run.  The beach was tiny, but the boys did not care.  Off came their shoes and socks and they played in the water.  There was a rope "swing" in a tree and the boys loved swinging out over the water.  If they had their bathing suits on, I am sure they would have swung over the water and let go!

We really enjoyed our afternoon at Wye Island State Park.  I am so glad that we are doing ParkQuest.  It has been so much fun so far.


  1. Looks like such a great day! And I love that you're doing quests with your's so "pirate-ish" or adventurous sounding. I also know how you fell about getting on paths in the woods and feeling like you can't reproduce the color/feel with either words or camera. I sometimes want to just shout "how can there possible BE so many shades of greeeeen??!!" And the light/movement with the breeze - just adds to it all!!! GREAT shot of the three boys on the log and love the new header!

  2. Darn, I would kill to get out there with my wife and kids! Hiking is a great way to stress relief, I also love it when the path leads to a big open lake or a river! Ahh.. The wonders of nature walking, seeing the sunlight rays beam through the little holey structures naturally made by the formation of the leaves... LOVE IT!!

    -Oscar Valencia

  3. I'm really enjoying reading your Park Quest reports! We are also a Maryland homeschooling family and have done three quests so far. This is such a great opportunity to get out in nature and explore. I love hiking, but my husband is less enthusiastic about it. The task/competition aspect of Park Quest is a great way to keep him interested.

  4. We are getting ready to do our big group Park Questing next week. We are going to hit Tuckahoe and Pocomoke on our way down to Janes Island to spend 3 nights. We are hitting Wye Island on the way home. So glad to see your pics because we thought the beach was bigger. Hmmm.

    Looks like you all are having a great time. We are writing about the funny side of our Park Questing on our blog. We often make it a group affair with 5 families and 18 kids, so our stories are plentiful.

    Glad to have found you!