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7 Quick Takes

1.  We have a new family member in the house.  His name is Harry.
He is a carnivorous plant called a sundew sent to us by my brother.  A month ago, we read a chapter about carnivorous plants.  Ever since then, my oldest has been begging me to get one.  I texted my brother, who had the same love for carnivorous plants as a child , and still does (he has a green house with several varieties).  He promptly asked if he could send my oldest one.  This week this plant, along with a book called the Savage Garden arrived at our home.  My son, whom I usually have to threaten in order for him to open a book and read the pages, has been pouring over his new book for days.  Yesterday, all of my boys were out searching for bugs to feed this little guy.  I totally do not get the fascination, but it is fun to watch!

2. For Greater Glory
Opens today.  Go see it.  I have to say that I pray nothing like this will come to pass in our own country, but I do wonder with the way things are going if it is not possible. 

3. Kid Friendly version of For Great Glory

Holy Heroes has a Blessed Jose Glory Story CD.  We own it and my boys love it.  This is about a young boy who was martyred for the Faith in Mexico.  It is a beautiful story and well done.

4. Run, run, where have you gone?

I am still not running. I have been working out though.  Weight training and cardio.  My legs have been SORE and feel like they have taken a beating due to the weight training, but it is all good!  I am going to give my IT band another week before I run on it.

5. I ordered our curriculum for next year.  Still loving Sonlight, so I did not even bother to look for anything else.  But, I have decided that Saxon Math just does not work for us.  After years of using it, we are trying something new next year.  J with be using MathTacular and Teaching Textbooks and K will be using Singapore.  I am excited about the change! And I am looking forward to Box Day!

6.  Remember how I mentioned that the only show I watch is So You Think YOu Can Dance? I did not mention that we do not have an cable service provider or whatever they call it now. (I once told a babysitter we did not have cable and she replied, "We do not either, we have Comcast." I think I am staring to show my age!) We have an antennae that works, oh, about 80% of the time.  But with FOX, it works about 50% of the time.  And it did not work Wednesday.  I missed the whole show.  Luckily, Fox now lets you watch the episode online 8 days after the show has aired.  So happy!

7. Plans for the weekend
We are going on a Park Quest!!

What are your plans??

Have a great weekend!!


  1. So You Think You Can Dance is my summertime FAVORITE!! (and Comcast IS I think it's the babysitter that's slightly confused)...I LOVE the plant book/story! My son would have gone bananas for that plant and the book would have had him reading too. If it's any encouragement, my would't-go-near-a-book son is now an English communications major in college...and his main goal in life is to write novels. I still have to pinch myself as I write that!

  2. Love that plant! Our oldest son spent a whole summer reading about and using a microscope we got as part of our curriculum. He did the same when he acquired a couple lizards as pets. It's so much fun seeing what strikes their fancy and how much they can learn when they are excited about something.

  3. What a strange plant! That is totally something my boys would be fascinated with though!

  4. 6.) I've taken to watching a lot of shows online if I miss them.

    7.) That sounds SO cool!

  5. I applaud you for not having cable or Comcast! He he. I would love to get rid of the tv altogether. I do have one fav show on A&E though.

    I have to say, that plant intrigues me....I want to see what it eats & how.

    Hopefully you can return to running soon!

    My big girl has her first dance recital tomorrow. I can't wait.

    Oh, I so want to see the movie!

  6. I LOOOOVVVEEEE So You Think You Can Dance!! The talent on there is absolutely amazing. I have been watching it on Hulu though since we also don't have cable. And my nephew Austin got a Venus Flytrap for his birthday and was obsessed with it...until he wasn't anymore :) They are pretty cool though!

  7. I was very interested in plants like those after seeing Little Shop of Horrors. BUt in a scared way. My boys would be all over that too!


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