Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hanging up my running shoes

I had a bad feeling this was coming.  I knew after running the second half marathon two weeks ago, that my body would not bounce back easily from it.  My IT band hurt during the race and for a couple days after.  I rested that whole week.  Last week, I rested too.  More so because our schedule was so crazy that I just could not seem to get a workout or run in.  So, this was the week to start running.

I ran on Tuesday.  And two miles into my run, my IT band, not only started to feel funny, it hurt.  You know, that pain at the knee every time you take a stride? Yep, that kind of hurt.  I stopped at three miles and haven't tried to run since.  I am a bit frustrated. I had just decided I wanted to run a 5K in Chestertown in conjunction with the Chestertown Tea Party and Parade that my son are in.  I was hoping to PR.

For now, I have decided that it would be best if I just stop running for a little and give my IT band the rest it needs.  I am somewhat fine with it since I do not like running in the heat of the summer anyways.  Plus, since I am not getting the running I crave, I am really starting to long for some good, tough, weight training workouts.  Maybe some Insanity too.  I hope to be back to running soon so I can be ready for fall races!


  1. I'm so sorry:( I know you love to run (I have no idea why but whatever;D) Would you consider swimming? I swam all the way into college. It is much easier on knees (and well the whole body.) If you get into it maybe you could just do triatholons. Then your body would get more diverse work outs. As if I should be giving advice. I only walk three miles a day. Just offering an idea.

  2. Summer Vacation!!
    Seriously, hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Bummer on the pain when running. I've been struggling with running lately and I'm beginning to think I just need to focus on something else for a while so that I stop feeling so sad about it. I think there's a lot of yoga in my future.

  4. You are being very smart to allow your body to heal. Enjoy doing the other things and you'll be craving running soon enough!
    Get better soon!

  5. At least you're smart enough to take a break for awhile and let them heal. And moving on to weights or Insanity will just make you stronger and ready to come back for some new PR's!

  6. Do you have a foam roller? It works really well on IT band issues. Hope you feel better soon!