Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Living in the past - Part One

It seems our family likes to live in the past.  My boys love history and we take every opportunity to do more, hands on learning.  Last week we went to Historic St Mary's City for their home school day.  The first settlement in Maryland.  It also is significant to the Catholic History of America as well.  Catholics came to St. Mary's City because it was one of the few places in the colonies where they were allowed to practice their faith (at first, at least).

Although it rained ( a lot) when we first got there, the rain subsided after about an hour and the rest of the day was nice.
Ship similar to the Dove

Chapel built on the original foundation of the Catholic Chapel in St. Mary's City

Making corn cakes, a staple of the diet of those in the settlement

Jewelry making, Indian style

Planting corn on the plantation

Working the printing press

Learning how to use a quill pen

Writing with a quill pen
Learning about the cash crop of the settlement, tobacco

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  1. Your boys are so cute with their Redskins attire. You are raising very sweet and cultured boys, Katie!