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I am still counting . . .

I have not published my One Thousand Gifts list lately.  It is not that I have stopped, just that I have not transferred it here.  Since my last posting of the list, I have counted up to 799 (so close to 1,000!).  As I looked over the list, here are the ones that stood out:

 - A quote from my son, "I am trying to color this the best I can because it is Jesus."
- Science lessons at breakfast
- freckled faces
- popcorn made on the stove and the memories that come with it
- basketball game with my boys
-scooters on the porch
- the boys singing the Divine Mercy Chaplet (Little A leading!!)
- dish towels becoming pirate bandannas
- little toes on the windowsill

Living in the past - Part Two

As if our journey through one of the first settlements were not enough, on Saturday we decided to spend some time "marching through" history.  We attended a local event called Marching Through Time, which includes re-enactors from ancient Rome all the way up through the modern wars.  We went to this event last year and the boys loved it, so we went again this year.  We enjoyed every moment.  The boys love trying on armor and talking to the re-enactors.  I love history too and am amazed by the wealth of knowledge that these men and women have to the particular regiment that they are "re-enacting."  They truly make history come alive.

Living in the past - Part One

It seems our family likes to live in the past.  My boys love history and we take every opportunity to do more, hands on learning.  Last week we went to Historic St Mary's City for their home school day.  The first settlement in Maryland.  It also is significant to the Catholic History of America as well.  Catholics came to St. Mary's City because it was one of the few places in the colonies where they were allowed to practice their faith (at first, at least).

Although it rained ( a lot) when we first got there, the rain subsided after about an hour and the rest of the day was nice.

I have the best job in the world!

To all you moms, out there . . . watch this video for the Olympic Games.  It will make you cry.

Seven Quick Takes- Randomness and a Tale of Two Halfs

1.  I do not like the new Blogger!  I miss the old format.

2. I read this blog post at (in)courage this morning.  Escaping the rut of want.  Boy, did it speak to me today.  The past few weeks have been hard spiritually and emotionally and I can totally identify with what Lysa shared in that post.  I have thrown temper tantrums in hopes to get God to see it my way. Do it my way. And it is embarrassing to admit that.  I would have hoped, by now, that I would be more spiritually mature than that, but I, shamefully, am not.  God is still working on this child of His.  And I pray He does each and every day.

3.  A few weeks ago we went to see October Baby.  I loved the movie and suggest that everyone see it.  It is powerful.  And I loved the music too.  I downloaded the soundtrack the day it was released on iTunes.  My favorite song is Life is Beautiful by The Afters.  Listen to it.  I was playing it while typing this post and once the song was over, my 5 year old said, "Play it again…