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Seven Quick Takes - The what's next edition and some added randomness

1. Race pictures . . .

I have never purchased race pictures before, but caved this time . . .
 I love the pictures with my boy!! 
2.  I have taken the last two weeks fairly easy.  Letting my body rest and formulating a plan.
My plan:
- Running down to 3 or 4 days a week, adding speed work
- Cross training with a combination of Chalean Extreme and Insanity, and hitting the gym until I get rid of my membership

I have The Iron Girl Columbia Half Marathon and the Frederick Half Marathon one week a part from each other in a month.  I would love to PR at one, but we will see how my body feels.  It seemed like it took me months to recover from my last marathon. So far I feel great running and am getting back up to speed.

3. Speaking of speed . . . I want to get faster. I have said that before.  I wrote a post about it last year at this time, but like I said in #2, I feel like my body handled this marathon better and I am recovering more quickly, so building speed may actually happen this year!

Seven Quick Takes - random post marathon thoughts

1. Never say never (or at least, not again) - I said that. I said that the Shamrock Marathon would be my last.  I was wrong.  I had too much fun.  I am fighting the urge to find another one to run next Spring.  But, I promised my hubby that I won't.  Right now I am thinking 2014 may be a good year to run marathon #3.

2. I cannot wear shorts for a few more weeks.  I have the geekiest "runner's tan."  See this picture . . .

 and this picture . . .

 Now imagine the strange tan lines I have.  Yep, no shorts for me!

3.  The Spibelt
I totally needed it.  My skirt (I made that skirt) and  the Aspaeris Shorts (the best compression shorts ever!) I wore had no pockets.  I am not the type of runner that likes to just "use whatever is at the water stops."  I like to be prepared with what I know works for me.  But, I will be honest, after about 5 miles of having to adjust that silly thing during each walk break, I wanted to throw it in the ocean!  If I use it again I a…

Shamrock Marathon Race Recap

So, yes, Sunday I ran the Shamrock Marathon in VA beach. I went into the race weekend fairly relaxed.  I was, surprisingly, not that nervous about the race.  Unlike, my first marathon. Saturday, I walked all over with my family, ate well and stayed very hydrated.  I felt like I was doing everything I could to have a good race on Sunday.

I had no definite time goal or pace plan until Saturday either.  I really just wanted to PR, which I did not think would be hard to do.  I ran my first marathon in 5:08:10 on a very hilly course with an IT band issue that kept me running a very conservative pace.  Shamrock is FLAT, I had more miles under my belt and I was not injured.  I planned on maintaining a 10:50 pace (4:45:00 finishing time).

The marathon start was late, in my opinion; 8:30 AM (the half marathon started at 7AM and I think they wanted to give lots of time between the races so that the faster marathoners would not get stuck behind the slow halfers). Anyways, I woke up, took a showe…

Our Shamrock'n Weekend

This past weekend we headed down to Virginia Beach for the Shamrock Marathon and a little fun too!  And, boy did we have lots of fun while we were there!

We headed down Friday afternoon.  It ended up taking us about an hour and a half longer due to traffic.  Gotta love the metro DC area!  We went straight to the Shamrock Marathon Packet Pick up and expo and then went to our hotel.  The boys were so excited about the weekend.

Saturday, my hubby and J were running in the 8K and A and K were running in the "Children's Marathon".  J and my husband were up early and off to the start.  The great thing about the 8K is that it ran down Atlantic Ave, which is the main street in Virginia Beach (they call it Beach Street USA), and then it runs on the boardwalk.  So, it passed the front of our hotel and the back of the hotel.  A, K and I headed out to watch the race pass our hotel.  It was really fun because I have never seen the start of a race before.  The hand cyclists passed firs…

You know you have boys when . . .

Does it seem that you mysteriously have less knives in your silverware drawer?
Are some of your large spoons and kitchen utensils missing?
Check your boys' favorite dirt hole in your backyard.  You will find them there.

Wordless Wednesday - Running with my posse

You know you have boys when . . .

Chicken wings are named after weapons. (overheard at out dinner table tonight)
"Mom, can I trade in my club for a pistol?, " asks my 5 year old.

Top 10 signs that you are experiencing taper madness and it is race week

So, it is race week.  Taper madness is in full swing and I am stressed, nervous and anxious.  Yes, it is race week and I am exhibiting all of the signs below!

1.  Your runs have become so short and you are running so little that you seriously doubt your ability to run anything more than a 10K.

2. You visit more than any other website.  You know the race city's 10-day forecast by heart and you notice when it changes, hourly.

3. You are obsessing giving a lot of thought to race day fuelling. You have tried the SPI belt, a handheld water bottle, gels, chews, and regular food and although you have a plan of what to use, you spend hours deliberating what is best.

4. You have visited the Runner's World "What to Wear" planner as much as you have visited

5. You are convinced that the muscle twitch, soreness, or twinge in the knee is something major and you will be limping across the finish line (that's if you finish).

6.  You dream about the rac…

St. Joseph Novena

The St. Joseph Novena starts today and goes until St Joseph's Feast Day, March 19th.  Check out the Novena prayer here and pray it with me.
St. Joseph, pray for us.

Great Running Shirt Giveaway

Slow is the New Fast and Cute Running Shirts are teaming up and giving away this Run Luck running tee . .

Perfect for anyone running a Shamrock run for St. Patrick's Day!  Hurry on over to Slow is the New Fast because the giveaway ends Monday (so you can have it by St. Patrick's Day!)


Just had to share.

Kony 2012 and helping the children


This video has been showing up all over the Internet the last few days.  It comes from Invisible Children. Please take the time to watch it.  It is truly sad what is happening in Central Africa.  The more I read about the plight of children all around the world, the more my heart aches for children like these.  My husband asked me recently why I have such a heart for orphans.  I had to think about it.  Yes, it is scriptural and as a Catholic, the daily mass readings have reminded me over the recent weeks that we are to answer the orphan's plea. But it is more than that.  I think it is because I am a mom.  And, as a mom, I know my heart would break if my children were in same situation as the children in the above video.  And as in the 147 million orphans around the world.

And, naturally, I think, what can I do?  These children are half a world away.  I am a busy mom to 3 boys whom I homeschool.  What can I do?  There are many moms that h…

One Thousand Gifts

a daffodil blooming in February!?!
Mardi Gras with friends
king cake
a compliment
the fun the boys have with Hungry Hungry Hippo
St Pius sodality for making Bingo special for the kids
another compliment
roses that still linger
a glass of wine
boy laughter
Trader Joe's
 a bouquet of sunshine in my home, from my flower beds and it is still February!
the smell of daffodils int he home
warmed up by boys crowding me while reading
texts from hubby
stations in the AM with my boys
a quiet morning
boys who sleep in
perfecting my "home school blinders"
a long, but productive day
Patrick Henry's speech and my 8 yr old working so hard to memorize it
getting all items up for sale
warm weather
playing outside
the newness of old toys
1st Friday mass
Trader Joe's
a full day
my hubby watching the boys and strolling around Lowe's for 2 hours!
a yummy breakfast
seeing friends at mass
getting the counter top ordered
dinner with family
chocolate cakes
a g…

Seven Quick Takes

1. Taper Time!!

I ran my 20 miler last weekend and, now, I am officially tapering!  I am happy, but do feel a bit like a slacker for not running more.  15 more days!!!! Yikes!

2. Running stats.  

I was comparing my stats from Feb. 2011 to Feb 2012.  Both months I was in the middle of my peak mileage for marathon training.  I felt that I was better prepared for last year's marathon than this one.  But, You know what?  I was wrong.  I ran 40 more miles this Feb. than I did in Feb 2011.  So maybe I am better prepared this time around.

3. "Give me liberty, or give me death!"

Patrick Henry has taken over my 8 yr old.  One of the things Sonlight has students do is to memorize poems, psalms, Scripture, etc.  Well, this week J had to start memorizing a longer piece.  He could choose from Longfellow's Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, a portion of one of his other poems which I cannot remember right now, and the concluding portion of Patrick Henry's famous speech.  J, looking a…