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The Never Ending Derby

This past Sunday was the Pinewood Derby.  J is a Bear Cub Scout and this was his second derby.  Last year, his car did, surprisingly, well.  And this year, J was really hoping to place. 

We got to the Derby about 30 min early to get the cars checked in (K and A had made cars to enter into the Open class).  We got the cars cheked in and anxiously waited for the derby to start.

For the last several years a "professional caller" has called the derby, brought the track and handled all the heat logistics for our pack.  This year, he was unable to do our derby, so our Pack bought a track and had to handle all the details by itself.  The derby started about a half an hour late.  All cars first race by "level." So all Tiger scouts race against each other, followed by Wolves, Bears and Webelos.  The Tiger heats started and there was a delay between each heat.  There was way too much time between heats as those running the derby tried to figure out the new computer system.

J's car is the second from the left

Not the best pic, but you can see J's car is taking the lead.

By the time the Bear heats began, K and A were done!  They were hungry.  A missed his nap.  K repeatedly asked to got home.  But they got excited to see J's car race.  J was quiet, but I could tell he was anxious.  First Bear heat.  Lane 3.  He won.  Second heat. Won!  His 3rd heat he took a third against the two cars that ended up going 1st and 2nd.  And his 3rd heat he took a 2nd (again to the car that went #2).  Overall, his car took 4th.  And I really think his car could have come in 3rd if it weren't for the fact that two of his heats had the two fastest cars in them (placements go by total points and the least # of points wins.) 

What seemed like an enternity later, the open round began.  K and A's cars did well.  A's car was NOT built for speed . . . he wanted a police car.  In his first heat he came in 3rd (out of 4) and kept on yelling, "Yes, I beat THAT car!!"

The derby end up lasting 5 hours!  Our pack is the biggest in the county and with the technical issues that occurred throughout the derby, it just made for a long, slow derby.  I was very happy when it ended.

At the end, J's car won the award for Scout Spirit.  He was so excited.  Another Derby down in the history books for our family.  I have three little boys that are already planning their designs for next year!


  1. oh my....I'm sorry it was such a long day! BUT yay for happy boys and winning cars!


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